Introducing Privy Email 2.0 – The Fastest Way To Set Up Email Automation For Your Shopify Store (And Why Mailchimp Customers Are Making The Switch)


Today we’re excited to introduce Privy Email 2.0, the fastest way to set up email automation for your Shopify store. 

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More than 7,000 Privy customers have been using Privy Email for over a year to send newsletters, save abandoned carts and send post-purchase nurture emails.

But today we are excited to launch Privy Email 2.0, because our product team has spent the last 7 months rebuilding Privy Email for you.

See, we’ve learned a ton about how you use email to drive online sales.

And one of the biggest changes we’ve made, is making it incredibly easy to set up your automated marketing emails to work with your Shopify store. 

That’s why thousands of Mailchimp customers have already switched to Privy Email. 

Because unlike Mailchimp, Privy integrates directly with Shopify.

image4-pngThis means you can create and send emails from Shopify in minutes.

And customers that switched to Privy email have already seen their sales grow.

“Our abandoned cart recovery rate grew 258% from the rate we had earlier this year” 

-Lori Wall Beds

Meanwhile, if you wanted to use Mailchimp to send abandoned checkout emails, you’d have to “connect a custom API 3.0 integration”.

And that’s only to set up checkout abandonment. Not cart abandonment.

Checkout abandonment is a much smaller audience than the 70% of people that abandon their carts. 

Privy Email sends true cart abandonment emails. And even better, when you’re using Privy Convert and Email together, you can save even more abandoned carts. 

So for instance, if someone who has already provided their email address comes back to your site later and adds a product to their cart and then leaves before completing purchase (again, on avg 70% of people do this), Privy Email automatically sends a sequence of emails to win them back.

Oh and setting up that sequence takes just a few minutes, because Privy Email directly integrates with Shopify. 

Since we launched cart abandonment emails, Privy Email has won back $18 million in abandoned carts for our customers. 

That’s just one reason customers are using Privy Email. 

Here are 4 other reasons why Mailchimp users are switching to Privy Email today.

Personalized Emails Based On Shopping Behavior

If you go into a store to buy a Boston Red Sox hat, how would you feel if the store owner called you later to buy a Yankees hat?

Yeah… not great.

But that’s what happens when you are using two different systems. One to capture customer information and another to contact them – you are losing valuable data without those systems working in tandem.

Information like:

  • Which page were they looking at?
  • Have they bought from us before?
  • What did they buy from us before?

Being able to use that information in your automated emails is how you make money from your automated emails. 

That’s why we pull shopping behavior from your Shopify account into Privy Email

Now you can target users who have purchased a black leather bag in the past, letting them know the brown bag is in stock now too.

You can do this with email behavior too.

So if a customer never opened an email you sent them, now you can follow up specifically to that customer segment reminding them about a special offer.

Save More Abandoned Carts

One of the biggest mistakes merchants make is how they set up their abandoned carts.

With over 70% of carts being abandoned, not following up with these high intent buyers is costing you. 

Yet most email providers are only sending abandoned checkout emails, because they don’t capture the customer email until this page: 

Privy captures customer emails from the second they hit the site.

So if they leave the site without buying, we automatically reach out to them.

And the results speak for themselves.

On average, Privy’s abandoned cart sequence saves about 16% of carts (more than double the Shopify’s abandoned checkout average).

We work with over 500,000 merchants, so we’ve seen some great emails.

That’s why we put together 23 email templates you should steal. You get this for FREE when you upgrade to Privy Email today.  

Sell More To Existing Customers Using Order Follow Up Emails

Getting someone to make a purchase is only half the battle. After that, you have to try to get them to buy again-and-again. 

Our order follow up emails are designed to help you sell other products in your catalog.

Privy Email lets you send these emails based on which product your customer bought.


Product ID (contains/does  not contain)

So if they bought a new bike – now your order follow ups can cross-sell them on your helmet collection.

You can also choose when the email gets sent.

If you’re selling food, supplements, or the latest clothing lines, now you can automatically contact customers weeks after the purchase, asking if they want to restock.

These emails are easy to build and send automatically. As your customer’s lifetime value grows, so will your business.

Know Exactly Which Emails Are Making You Money

Maybe the best part about Privy Email 2.0 is that you can now see how your marketing emails are affecting your bottom line. 

“Also, I have to say I LOVE that Privy now shows how much money each email brings in. It’s awesome to see the conversions right within the app.”

-The Copper Closet

Every time you send a newsletter, Privy reports the revenue from that campaign.

This includes your abandoned carts and order follow up emails as well:

Now the question isn’t if your emails are making you money, but how much money are they making you?

Privy Email Makes You More Money – But It’s Also Less Expensive Than Mailchimp

Privy Email is the fastest way to set up email automation for your Shopify store.

And getting started is easy. Not just because we integrate directly with Shopify, but also the #1 thing that Privy’s 18,000 five star reviews mention is “ease of use”

So listen, if you’re still using Mailchimp today, I have even better news for you.

Privy Email is less expensive than Mailchimp. For instance, if you have 5,000 contacts, Privy Email is just $30/month. Whereas Mailchimp would cost you about $75/month.

If you want to see how much money you could save, check out

This article originally appeared in the Privy blog and has been published here with permission.

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