Introducing Privy’s Starter Program: Everything You Need For Black Friday, Cyber Monday And Beyond



Whether you own a multi-million dollar brand, or are just getting started, one thing’s for sure.

You always remember your first sale.

It’s one of the best feelings for an entrepreneur. And this year, Privy has helped thousands of small brands experience their first “cha-ching” notification on Shopify.

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But it’s not enough to just get your first sale. Since working with entrepreneurs, we have helped our merchants grow and sell over $5 billion dollars of product online.

You see, our mission is not just about software, it’s about providing the tools, education and support to get your brand from $0 to $1 million in sales. That’s why I’m pumped to be launching the Privy Starter Program, which brings it all under one roof.

Apply to the Starter Program now.

I come from a family of small business entrepreneurs. Both of my parents started their businesses and grew them on their own. They didn’t have programs like this back then.

Ecommerce is the great equalizer. Now, anyone anywhere can start a business online.

And because of Shopify, it’s easier than ever to build an ecommerce store.

But it’s still really difficult to grow an ecommerce business.

That’s why Privy has doubled down on our mission to help small ecommerce brands grow this year.

And here’s what you get when you apply to the Starter Program today:

The Privy Starter Plan

Both Privy Convert and Privy Email are included in the The Privy Starter Plan. So now you can easily grow your list and send emails all from one app.

This year, we’ve doubled down on Privy Convert, adding new features like the Free Shipping Bar and Cross-sell campaigns to help merchants increase their average order value. Along with more revenue reporting, to let merchants know exactly how much Privy is helping them earn.

We even re-introduced Privy Email, and the results speak for themselves. Customers have sent over 250,000,000 emails with Privy, and earned millions through automated emails such as abandoned carts and order follow ups.

Three Weeks of Privy Product Training (Free)

We are also offering three weeks of training for program members.

Once accepted into the program, you’ll be invited to three sessions, each one designed to help you set up your website for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

We’ll set you up with an email list growth campaign, help you design a campaign to increase your average order value, and finally, set up your cart abandonment sequence to maximize sales in November (and beyond).

The Ecommerce Marketing Community

And lastly, the support.

It’s not enough for us to teach you how to grow your business.

We believe the best way to learn is from the people who have already done it.

That’s why when you join the starter program, you get access to the Ecommerce Marketing Community with hundreds of other online entrepreneurs learning and sharing their insights. Some of the posts have been awesome so far, like Cruz Control’s prep to launching a Kickstarter:

Privy Ecommerce Marketing Community

The Ecommerce Marketing Handbook

While it’s not part of the Starter Program, we are also launching The Ecommerce Marketing Handbook today. It’s our first-ever book, which will teach you how to grow from $0 to $1 million in sales.

We interviewed 17 experts to get their advice on everything from SEO, to how to run a holiday campaign.

The book costs $15. You can order your copy now.

Privy Starter Program Launch Ecommerce Marketing HandbookApply To The Program Today (Applications Due October 8th)

We’re not just launching another product or a podcast. The Privy Starter Program includes everything a new ecommerce business would need to grow.

You get access to the tools, support and education you need to grow from $0 to $1 million in online sales.

So if you’re interested, please apply. We’d love to play a role in helping you grow to your first million in sales.  

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This article originally appeared by our friends at Privy.

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