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Introducing Recart Email & SMS Integrations

A group of people working on a laptop to introduce Recart Email & SMS Integrations.

Basically all successful ecommerce brands use multichannel marketing to reach customers effectively and maximize their profit. Promoting your brand on Facebook Messenger, Email and SMS is definitely effective, but also a challenge. You need to multiple your creative output, balance messaging frequency and also subscribe your customers to all your marketing channels without flooding them with popups and opt-in requests.

If you have a hard time subscribing your customers to all your marketing channels, you will definitely find the new Recart Email & SMS integrations interesting.

Email & SMS Integrations

Using the Recart Email & SMS Integrations, you can subscribe your customers to your email and SMS marketing campaigns at the same time as you are subscribing them to your Facebook Messenger list.

All it takes is one Messenger opt-in from your customer, which is much quicker than SMS or email opt-ins, since it doesn’t require them to type in their contact info, they can simply click or tap to subscribe.

You can attach any conversation flow to your Recart growth tools, which will start the conversation instantly. You can use this opportunity to save the customer’s email and phone number.

Conversational email & SMS subscription

All you need to do is include one or more Save User Input messages in your conversation flow.

Save User Input messages are so easy to use, you can’t really go wrong. They include an initial message that will say something like ‘Please enter your email to receive our secret offers.’

Then, the customer will have the option to opt-in without even typing in their email address: Recart will show a quick reply that they can click or tap to send you their email address they use for their Facebook account.

Of course, if they want to enter a different email address, they can also simply type it in. It works the same way with phone numbers.

When the customer entered their email address or phone number, Recart will make sure it is indeed an email address or phone number. If the response is not a valid email or phone number, the validation error message will be sent to ask the customer to verify and try again.

Naturally, you can completely customize both the intro and the validation error message to best resonate with your audience.

When a valid email or phone number is received, Recart will add it to the contact info of the Messenger subscriber. You can check your Messenger subscriber list and all their contact info on the Subscribers Page.

One extra benefit of the Recart Email & SMS Integrations is that you can now use Recart to run Click-to-Messenger ads and sponsored messages on Facebook to grow your SMS and email lists, in addition to your Facebook Messenger list.

To do that, simply create a new custom conversation flow in Recart, set the entry point to sponsored message or click-to-messenger ad and set up the conversation flow so it includes at least one Save User Input messages.

Click-to-Messenger Ad collect emails and phone numbers

Using this method, you can take advantage of the advanced targeting options of the Facebook Ad platform and start collecting emails and phone numbers for the specific audience you want to attract to your store.

Sending contact info to Klaviyo and SMSBump

Being able to access the contact info of your Messenger subscribers is pretty great in itself, but the best part comes when you enable the Klaviyo or SMSBump integration.

Both integrations allow you to select a list, where Recart will add all new emails (Klaviyo) and phone numbers (Klaviyo and SMSBump). Simple as that, any messages sent to the selected list will now be sent to your brand new Messenger subscriber as well.

Best practices

We recommend that you use a separate list for your newly added Recart subscribers. This way, you can make sure that your customers do not receive duplicate messages that they already saw in Recart conversation flows, and you can gently let them know in a welcome email or SMS about the kind of marketing messages they will receive in the future.

When asking for their email or phone number in a Recart conversation flow, it is worth giving them an incentive, like a discount code, a special offer or exclusive content. Make sure your email and SMS messaging reflects on the incentive they were promised in the Recart conversation flow.

Important tip for Klaviyo users:

By default, Klaviyo lists are double opt-in, meaning that regular subscribers will receive a confirmation email before they start to receive your automated marketing emails. Contacts added by Recart will not receive the double opt-in message, so they will receive any immediately sent email you have set up for that list.

When creating content for your marketing emails, please keep in mind that subscribers added by Recart will not have received the default double opt-in message and will start receiving your marketing emails.

If you need help…

To learn more about the Klaviyo and SMSBump integrations, please check out our guides:

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Succes team in the in-app chat or at support@recart.com.

This article originally appeared in the Recart blog and has been published here with permission.

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