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Introducing Resilient Retail: A New Virtual Event Series from Shopify POS

Introducing Resilient Retail: A New Virtual Event Series from Shopify.

It’s been a year. We’ve all been hit by one crisis after another, and it’s fair to feel pretty burnt out.

We need inspiration. We need stories. We need something to help us hold it together in the middle of these interlocking crises.

Enter: Resilient Retail. Shopify’s brand new virtual event series is all about connecting retail industry experts and operators to share the tips, tactics, and cutting-edge knowledge they’re using to weather the current storm.

Join us on Thursday, September 3rd at 1PM EST for our debut conversation- life raft included.

Come aboard

It was already a tough climate for retailers before the global pandemic hit. Now, surviving—much less thriving—is a daily battle. 

The retailers left standing when the dust settles will be the ones that are able to flex and change, adapting their businesses to the new normal.

And it’s so, so important that small retailers survive. Your businesses are the foundation of your local economies and communities. Your neighbors know they can rely on you in good times and bad. You’re part of the culture that makes your home, well, home

So how do you keep the dream alive, even in the chaos of 2020? Well, that’s the foundational question for Resilient Retail. 

?️ @kdlafrance has something to tell ya… pic.twitter.com/Z03w1G0qVF

Shopify (@Shopify) August 26, 2020

So what’s coming up? 

On September 3rd I’m sitting down with powerhouse duo Coco & Breezy for a conversation on running a Black-owned business in 2020, designing glasses for Lady Gaga and Prince (yeah, that Prince), and more.

RSVP now

Then, on September 10th, DTC expert Nik Sharma and Retail Brew writer extraordinaire Halie LeSavage are coming on the show to talk about what's bound to be one of the strangest BFCM seasons in history. It’s everything you need to prepare for the holidays and beyond- including new retail moves like curbside pickup, shop ‘n ship, and so much more. 

RSVP now

Tell me more about these guests

Founded in 2009 by twin designers Corianna and Brianna Dotson, Coco & Breezy’s early designs were an instant hit in the entertainment and fashion world.

coco and breezy third eye glasses

Photo: Nick Onden via Racked 

The twins have also collaborated with Hershey’s, Ciroc, and SIX:02, not to mention appearing in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Oh, and they DJ and create visual art. 

Nik Sharma is a Forbes “30 Under 30” member, known widely around the internet as “The DTC guy.” 

A 23-year old operator who has led revenue growth at organizations including Hint Water and VaynerMedia, Nik’s also an investor, advisor, and operator for brands like JUDY, Haus, Cha Cha Matcha, VOX Media, and more.

If you’re not already getting Retail Brew in your inbox, it’s time to start. Halie LeSavage’s thrice weekly retail newsletter has got it all, from exclusive surveys to breaking news and expert analysis of the current market. 

She’s the real deal, with publications in Glamour and Harper's Bazaar covering everything from CBD to DTC.

Seriously, we’re talking heavy hitters. I’m so excited to pick their brains and plunder their expertise for my own (nefarious) ends. 

See you there!

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This article originally appeared in the Shopify blog and has been published here with permission.

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