Introducing Return Shopping: A New, Free Revenue Stream For Shopify Merchants


Happy Returns, a PayPal Company, is pleased to announce Return Shopping, a new revenue stream for Shopify merchants. This feature helps drive shoppers to merchants’ e-commerce storefronts within the return experience, helping retain revenue without the accounting challenges associated with exchanging items of different prices.

“Now, more than ever, shopper re-engagement and revenue retention are key priorities for merchants. It’s not enough to make returns easy, merchants need to account for every dollar and bring shoppers back at every stage. We’ve created a way to re-engage customers at a critical point in the shopper journey, in an innovative way that keeps financial reporting simple.”

— Sanaz Hajizadeh, DIrector of Product Management, Happy Returns

Free feature for Shopify merchants

Return Shopping is a free feature available to both current and future Happy Returns customers using the Return & Exchange Portal and Shopify. This optional feature can be enabled via the merchant’s Happy Returns dashboard.

Simple and clean reporting

Unlike exchanges, Return Shopping keeps transactions separate: the return and the new sale. By creating a new order, all relevant sales and tax details will be accurately represented within Shopify where all downstream systems can ingest these as standard orders.

Incentives that drive conversion

Merchants can encourage shoppers with customizable incentives: a configurable discount amount on the new sale and/or the option to waive the processing fee on the return.

No changes to product catalogs

Because the new sale is not linked to the return, fulfillment of the new items can start without shoppers needing to return any items first. Shoppers may also select a different shipping address and shipping method than their original order.

Revenue tracking 

Merchants can monitor sales and make adjustments to their incentives and have visibility into new orders placed, total order value, length of time to pay, and cart abandonment.

This feature is available to both new and existing customers using Shopify and Happy Returns’ Return & Exchange Portal. Click the link below to schedule a time with a member of the Happy Returns sales team to get started. 

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Special thanks to our friends at Happy Returns for their insights on this topic.
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