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Introducing Shopify Forms: Grow Your Marketing List, For Free


It’s never been more important to make the most of every visitor to your online store. In a digital world where ads are expensive, and attention is scarce, you can’t miss the opportunity to connect with would-be buyers.

To do that, you need enticing opt-in offers to convert those potential customers into lifelong fans. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Shopify Forms.

Shopify Forms is a free, customizable email capture app that works seamlessly with the rest of Shopify—think discounts, Shopify Email, marketing automations, segmentation, and more. Collect names and email addresses from shoppers by offering compelling offers and discounts, customize your form to fit your brand, and automatically follow up with marketing emails at the right time, all while keeping your customers’ data safe and secure.

Install Shopify Forms

With Shopify Forms, you don’t need any design or coding experience to create impressive, high-converting forms to connect with your customers. However, here are a few top tips to get the most bang for your form bucks.

Offer a teaser

Depending on the stage of their shopping journey, a browser might not be ready to share their details when they see your form. That’s where the teaser option comes in. Before a shopper opens the form, or if they close it without filling it out, they’ll see a small teaser about your offer in a location of your choosing. You can choose where the teaser shows up, like in the bottom left or bottom right of your store, to help capture high-intent shoppers. 

A teaser and a full email capture form example using Shopify Forms

The teaser will come with default text, but you can always customize it to capture the most attention. You could add an emoji to liven it up, rephrase the default text to add some personality, and make sure to highlight the value to your subscribers. 

A few examples to get you started:

  • Don’t miss out ?
  • Get the inside scoop 
  • Exclusive access!
  • Perks, perks, perks ?
  • First look at new drops ?

Remember that at this point, you’re only trying to earn one thing: a click into the expanded form. Then you can rely on your other customizations to get the customer’s details. And if you’re including a discount, highlighting it in your teaser is a great idea to earn that first click to expand the form, like this example from Amber Vale Home.

Amber Vale Home made great use of the teaser to encourage more people to click on their form

Customize your form

Your expanded form is a chance to make your brand really shine and earn that “Yes, add me to your list!” moment from a shopper. You’ll be able to edit the form text, including the header, call to action button, and confirmation message. Consider it a great way to showcase your brand’s personality, like the way Adelitas Apparel spoke directly to their target audience.

An example of a well-designed form from Adelitas Apparel

You’ll also have your brand colors pulled in as options in your form, and you can go from there to customize the visual experience of the form. Take a look at how MODOKOT aligned the accent color of their store with their form’s button.

An example of a well-designed form from MODOKOT

Choose when and where the form shows up to top off your customizations. You can delay when the form shows up for shoppers, or trigger it to launch only when someone is leaving your store. You’ll also be able to customize where on your store the form shows up, including only showing it on specific pages. 

Offer discounts easily and immediately

Discounts are one of the most tried-and-true ways to entice shoppers to subscribe to your email list, which is why Shopify Forms makes it as easy as possible to add a discount offer to your forms.

Setting up a discount and adding it to your form is seamless with Shopify Forms

Choose from your existing Shopify discounts or create a new one, and have all the settings clearly visible while you’re working on the form. Your form will automatically update the default teaser text, form header, subscribe button and confirmation message—and as always, you can customize the defaults from there to make your form stand out.

Connect seamlessly to discount wallets on Shop. Shopify Forms makes it easy for you to connect with 100+ million Shop users. Shop users will be identified during lead capture and authenticated with Shop to automatically save discounts into their wallet, applied automatically at checkout—even if they leave your store and come back later.

When a shopper submits their form, the confirmation message will show them the discount code right on the page, so they don’t need to leave your store to find it in their inbox. It’s one less thing standing between them and their first purchase with you.

Follow up at the right time

Speaking of inboxes, that’s where the real power of adding a subscriber to your list comes in. We’ve made sure that following up with your new subscribers is as easy as possible.

Shopify Forms connects with Shopify’s built-in marketing automations, so you can follow up with subscribers whenever you want. Set up a welcome email to send out to every new subscriber as soon as they join your list, or wait a few hours to bring them back with a reminder of their new discount. The automations are quick to customize using the Shopify Email drag-and-drop editor, so they’ll look professional and on-brand with only a few clicks.

Examples of emails you can send using Shopify Email after collecting leads with Shopify Forms

PRO TIP: Use segmentation to remind subscribers to use their discount. You’ll see a pre-made segment of customers who subscribed to your form in Shopify. A few weeks after a big jump in subscribers, you can add a filter to that segment to see who still hasn’t purchased, and send them a reminder about their discount code using Shopify Email.

That’s not all you can do to connect with your new subscribers, either. Shopify Forms works seamlessly with Shopify Email, automations, segmentation, discounts, Shop, and more. Consider a few potential next steps to keep your new subscribers engaged, like…

  • Setting up other automations to reach your subscribers at the right times, like upsell emails after a customer makes their first purchase, or emails when someone abandons their cart
  • Explore additional segmentation filters to better understand who is subscribing via your form
  • Sending regular emails to your subscribers with Shopify Email when you have new products or promotions to promote

Analyze and iterate

What works for one store may not be right for another, so the best thing you can do to learn is to start now. Set up a form, add an offer, and see what resonates with your customers. You’ll be able to easily track form submissions and completion rate, and you can use that to see whether your offer is resonating. 

As you tweak your form or test out seasonal promotions, like last-minute holiday discounts, keep an eye on those metrics and see whether your completion rate is rising or falling. 

Convert more customers and close more sales with Shopify Forms

Collecting emails is like greeting a customer in your store. It’s an important first step to start the relationship, but it’s only the beginning of your journey with them. We built Shopify Forms to help you make that first connection a good one for every customer, so you have a list of people who are ready to continue the conversation (and click the buy button).

Install Shopify Forms

This originally appeared on Shopify and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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