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Introducing Shoppable Quizzes: Power Experiences your Customers Love


Are you ready to easily create beautiful quizzes to power experiences your customers love? 


The Shoppable Quiz for Shopify and Shopify Plus has officially launched with its private beta! 

Designed to bring the in-store retail experience to ecommerce stores, the Shoppable Quiz gives your customers the confidence they need to purchase your products by asking a series of questions to collect detailed information that allows you to match customers with a buyer persona and recommend relevant products through extremely targeted and personalized messaging.

The Shoppable Quiz is code-free, embeddable on-site, fully customizable, and deeply integrated with Shopify, Klaviyo, Facebook Ads, Facebook Messenger & SMS! 

The best part? Businesses are seeing major success. In fact, Beauty Bio discovered segments of their customers that spend on average 75% more. Also, Doe Lashes increased their email signups by 3x after launching their Shoppable Quiz. 

Compiled videos of Octane AI Shoppable Quizzes

We’re so excited to tell you everything you need to know about why Octane AI’s Shoppable Quiz is your solution to personalized marketing, buyer profiling, and scaling your online business—right here, right now. 

Buckle up because this rocket is ready to launch.

Does your brand need a Shoppable Quiz? Request an invite today!

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Since 2016, Octane AI has been a leading Facebook Messenger platform for ecommerce businesses to personalize and target their marketing with customized campaigns and revenue-generating flows. Recently, Octane AI announced its inclusion in the Shopify Plus Certified Partner App Program, recognizing Octane AI as the most trusted Facebook Messenger and SMS marketing automation platform for Shopify Plus brands.

Octane AI Timeline

In 2019, the Octane AI team noticed businesses were using Octane AI’s conversational automations to build product quizzes directly in Facebook Messenger. After noticing this trend, the team spoke to over 50 Shopify Plus businesses that were doing this. The Octane AI team learned that these brands wanted to be able to build quizzes on their website and not just in Messenger. So, we built exactly what these businesses were asking for.

“We are creating a better way to shop online. The Octane AI Shoppable Quiz enables brands to get to know the needs, preferences, and concerns of each customer, and then uses this information to build a relationship where the right products and information can be shown at the right times. If I walk into a physical store, someone can greet me, help me find exactly what I need, and give me the confidence to purchase – The Shoppable Quiz uses conversational automation to make this experience digital and scalable for the top ecommerce brands in the world” – Matt Schlicht, CEO of Octane AI

The Shoppable Quiz offers customers a results-driven solution

Before Octane AI, Shopify stores only had two options: they could either hire someone to custom build a quiz or use an out-of-the-fox form builder. However, custom developing a quiz is extremely expensive, and the end-result doesn’t offer brands a dashboard to be able to see important data and analytics. And, although form builders are easy to set up, they don’t offer brands the high-aesthetic and beauty standards that are required for their websites today. 

We wanted to create something that brought the best of both worlds: an out-of-the-box solution that a brand’s marketing team can control and analyze, yet something that looks just as beautiful as if you hired a developer to build it. Also, since the quiz seamlessly integrates with your Shopify and Shopify Plus store, Klaviyo, Messenger, SMS and Facebook ads, all the emails, phone numbers and other valuable information you collect will automatically sync to these platforms. 

Big Hammer Wines Quiz Example

The Shoppable Quiz lets brands design quizzes with a drag-and-drop interface. With beautiful aesthetics, businesses can customize their quizzes with simple or complex logic. With every quiz, your store collects buyer profile insights that can be used for personalized messaging and retargeting. In fact, since launching their Shoppable Quiz, Bariatric Fusion has increased their email signups by 16x!

By syncing your Shopify store to Octane AI, all updates you make to your catalog will automatically update in your quiz as well as the results pages, meaning out-of-stock items won’t appear as quiz results, images will update and prices will always be accurate. 

Beauty Bio Quiz GIF

On every quiz results page, businesses can include “add to cart” buttons so customers can easily purchase the recommended products, as well as have the ability to add personalized product bundles to a customer’s cart with one click. This means you can create bundles containing full routines or sets of products that work well together, like how Beauty Bio offers in their AM and PM routine on their quiz results page. 

Octane AI analytics dashboard

You can create your quiz and track your results in a single dashboard 

The Shoppable Quiz is powerful on both the front-end and back-end. Based on the purchases customers make and their quiz answers, Octane AI segments customers into buyer profiles and tracks revenue and attribution in a single, detailed analytics dashboard. 

On the main quiz page in the back-end, you’ll be able to see overall stats including all-time revenue, all-time views, a date picker and a revenue graph. Underneath these main statistics, you’ll be able to click into individual quizzes you have on your site to see more detailed analytics. These analytics sections help you accurately analyze the performance of your quiz. 

Octane AI analytics graph

To better understand how each specific page of your quiz is performing, you can see this data in the engagement stats section of your dashboard. For example, you’ll be able to see how many quiz users are clicking a specific answer, so in the example below you can see the majority of customers filling out the quiz are prone to sensitive skin. 

Octane AI dashboard for page analytics

Here are the stats you can view for each specific quiz page: 

  • Views: the number of times this section was viewed.

  • Responses: the number of times an answer was selected in this section.

  • Average time: the average amount of time spent on this section.

  • Drop off rate: the percentage of people who did not continue the quiz after seeing this section.

This information will tell you the engagement rates for every quiz page. If you notice that one page has a high drop off rate, you can redesign the page or section to see if the drop off rate lowers. 

Doe Lashes Quiz opt-in page

The Shoppable Quiz will become the #1 way you collect opt-ins

At any point in the quiz, you can ask customers to opt in to email, Facebook Messenger or SMS communication. All of this data gets saved to Octane AI and can be used with your integrated apps, such as Klaviyo, ads, SMS, Messenger and more. For the popular beauty brand Doe Lashes, the opt-in functionality of the quiz has helped them increase their email signups by 3x. 

Doe Lashes results page example

Since companies with omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers, having the option to opt in customers to engage with you on every marketing channel through the quiz gives store owners the ability to offer a memorable omnichannel experience where interactions with every customer are based on real data. 

Octane AI quiz Klaviyo Integration

Use Data from your Shoppable Quiz to transform your Klaviyo automation and Facebook advertising strategies 

We mentioned previously that the Shoppable Quiz collects detailed information about your buyers. This information is going to tell you so much more about your customers and help you realize that not every customer is the same. Based on quiz answers and results, your customers will be placed into buyer profile subgroups, and you can segment this new buyer profile data to create unique experiences tailored to each individual. 

Octane AI Quiz Targeted Ads example

To explain, picture a new visitor taking your quiz, and you learn they’ve never used a product like yours before. With this knowledge, you could follow up with this customer by sending them educational emails about your products automatically. Also, if a visitor takes your quiz and you discover a specific preference or taste, you can start to show those customers versions of ads that focus on that preference. The possibilities for how you can strategically use this data to increase revenue and provide more personalized and positive experiences for your customers is limitless. We are so excited to see your creativity shine!

Octane AI Quiz opt-in example

You can deeply personalize your Messenger and SMS automation for higher engagement rates

Aside from Klaviyo and Facebook Ads, you can leverage what you learn about customers through a quiz in all your Facebook Messenger and SMS automations. It’s always a great start to ask customers if they’re interested in opting in to your Messenger and SMS channels during the quiz with a discount offer. This increases your subscriber list drastically, and you can immediately follow up with those customers with the discount presented in your message. 

Muddy Body Messenger discount example

Based on quiz answers and results, you can use the information you collect from customers to send targeted messages through these channels. For example, if you’re selling beauty products and you’ve learned from a quiz user that they have oily skin. Once they opt in to Messenger or SMS, you can follow up on these channels to recommend a product for oily skin and offer a discount for them to purchase that product. 

Bariatric Fusion Quiz Results Example

We’re providing merchants with personalization technology they’ve never had access to before

Imagine this scenario: you’re walking into a store to buy a new skincare routine, but you have to be careful about what you purchase because the wrong routine could negatively impact your skin. So, what do you do? You ask an expert in the store to help. That expert will ask you questions about your skin, your lifestyle and more, and then they recommend the right product or set of products unique to your situation. When you’re shopping online, oftentimes there isn’t anyone there to help in this was—the experience is like searching through a warehouse of products, and you fear the wrong product will have a negative impact. You’re not confident to purchase, so you leave. Octane AI’s Shoppable Quiz solves this problem.

By enabling brands to engage with every visitor through virtual doors and provide that expert consultation, ecommerce stores can use Shoppable Quizzes to show the right products for every person and make them feel confident about their purchases. 

Quiz Question page example

In return for offering expert advice to customers, your business gets the opportunity to remember every one of its customers’ preferences in order to maintain a happy relationship for life. 91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them, and this kind of deep personalization has previously only been available to multi-billion dollar companies. Octane AI is sharing this same technology with entrepreneurs and merchants that haven’t had access to it before. 

Skinny Mixes Quiz Page Example

“We’ve been dreaming about a Shoppable Quiz since starting our ecommerce site to answer our customers’ number one question: ‘what flavor should I try and what do I do with it?’ Octane AI was able to create a Shoppable Quiz to seamlessly answer these questions while also gathering useful customer information. We’re so excited to get to know our customers on a personal level, help them find products easier and engage with them in a more impactful way. The Shoppable Quiz is something every ecommerce brand needs to build detailed buyer profiles, and we look forward to using this info to further personalize our emails, SMS, Messenger, and ads.” – Alex Tenney, Marketing Director at Skinny Mixes

9 ways your business can use the Shoppable Quiz

There are a ton of ways ecommerce businesses can use the Shoppable Quiz in every industry, including food and beverage, fashion and apparel, home goods, health and wellness, travel and entertainment. Whether your goal is to recommend products to drive sales or increase opt-ins, you can get super creative with how you use a Shoppable Quiz. The truth is, it’s really an interactive page builder. Here are some of our favorite ways businesses can use it:

Recommend products: Ask customers a series of questions about their likes and dislikes, preferences, challenges and desired solutions to recommend accurate products. ret

Customer onboarding: Get to know your customers through personal questions so you know who your shoppers are and how to engage with them.

Size finder: Help customers find the right size for shirts, pants, bathing suits and more at your store with quiz questions.

Post-purchase survey: Invite customers to complete a survey about their experience shopping at your store and your products for detailed feedback.

Personalize a sales pitch: Ask customers key questions about their likes, hobbies and preferences to be able to personalize a sales message.

Gift finder: Help customers find a gift for a person, special event or holiday with questions about who and what they’re shopping for.

Character identification: Ask customers fun questions about their personality to match them with a character. Recommend products based on their match.

Educational and fun: Use a quiz to educate new customers about what your brand does, sells or supports. Make learning about your business fun and engaging.

Interactive opt-in page: Using an incentive, such as a discount or free product, increase your marketing opt-ins to email, Messenger or SMS by building an interactive webpage where customers can choose how they want to receive the incentive. 

Skinny Mixes Opt-in Page Example

There are an infinite number of creative ways to use the quiz builder. We see this as a creative tool that will unlock endless possibilities for ecommerce marketers. Considering 75% of marketers say non-gated interactive content can result in a higher degree of lead nurturing, these use-cases are all great ways to connect with your site visitors, convert them to opt-in to your marketing channels, and retain them with the right messages.

Phew! We know that was a lot of information! Here’s a breakdown of everything we talked about today:

  • We launched our new product: Shoppable Quizzes! Request your invite here.
  • The Shoppable Quiz is code-free, embeddable on-site, fully customizable, and deeply integrated with Shopify, Klaviyo, Facebook Ads, Facebook Messenger & SMS. 
  • The quiz results page has add-to-cart buttons so customers can easily purchase the recommended products. 
  • Octane AI will segment customers into buyer profiles and track revenue and attribution in a detailed analytics dashboard. 
  • You can ask customers to opt-in to email, Facebook Messenger, or SMS marketing. This data gets saved and can be used with your integrated apps.
  • Start connecting, converting and retaining all customers for life!

You’ve got all the details about the Shoppable Quiz, so are you ready to try it? You can request early access to our private beta today! 

Request Early Access: 

Learn More

The 250+ Page Playbook on Facebook Messenger & SMS Marketing for Ecommerce

Fast-growing DTC brands implementing this playbook have connected with 18x more customers, doubled their 7-day ROAS, recovered 5x more abandoned cart revenue & increased AOV 25%.


This article originally appeared in the OctaneAI blog and has been published here with permission.

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