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Introducing The Ecommerce Marketing Show: The Podcast That Will Help Teach You How To Grow Your Online Store and Build A Thriving Business


Hey it’s me. Dave. I’m Chief Marketing Officer here at Privy, and I’m also the host of our brand new Ecommerce Marketing Show, which is why I’m writing this post 👇

The show — available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and everywhere you get your podcasts — is dedicated to helping you become an expert in ecommerce marketing so you can sell more stuff and build a thriving business. Each week we’ll bring you interviews with leaders from top ecommerce brands to unpack how they did it, marketing tips you can steal ASAP for your business, and sharing lessons learned from the 400,000+ merchants using Privy today.

Or, to let me pitch you the show another way, I’d also describe it like this:

There is TON of information out there today about how to set-up an ecommerce business. But there is (surprisingly) little dedicated to help you grow an ecommerce business. And that’s where our show comes in: we are out to create the number one resource in ecommerce marketing. Not for marketing “experts” — but for you, the real entrepreneur working to build and grow a business that you’re proud of (and one that can pay the bills, too).

This show is all about helping you learn from the best people in ecommerce, and that’s why we called up Kurt Elster for our first episode. Kurt was one of the first Shopify experts out there through his consulting business (Ethercycle) where he helps Shopify store owners discover hidden profits in their websites, and he’s also been sharing his work in public for the last five years on his Unofficial Shopify Podcast, which has been downloaded over a million times (and if you really dig into his numbers you’d find that a third of those downloads came from me in the last month if we’re being honest).

One personal sidenote: I’ve spent the last 10 years working in B2B marketing. And while I think I’m pretty good with the principles of marketing, I am far from an ecommerce marketing expert. But I love marketing and I’m here to learn. So my angle for this interview with Kurt was to try and get him to school me a bit. Teach me about some of the basics. For example, the first question I asked him was: “If you were starting a new ecommerce business, and you had to coach me. What would you do? What’s the playbook? Assume that I have a product people want right, where do I go from there?”

There were three big things that Kurt taught me during this episode:

  • What most new Shopify store owners get wrong when it comes to marketing today.
  • The general do’s and don’ts in ecommerce marketing, including the do’s and dont’s with website pop-ups, email, ads, and text messaging.
  • The four key metrics every Shopify store owner should be tracking religiously if they’re serious about growing their business: traffic growth, repeat customer rate, add to cart rate, and average order value.

Oh and by the way: even if you know your stuff when it comes to ecommerce marketing, I know you’ll get at least one new lesson or insight from Kurt (so I wouldn’t ignore this episode unless your website is already a money printing machine and you don’t need any help).

Here are the quick show notes:

  • [7:18] What do most new Shopify owners get wrong?
  • [15:32] What other mistakes do Shopify store owners make early on?
  • [23:21] How do you know which marketing channels to pick?
  • [30:09] Kurt’s Do’s and Don’t for: On-site conversion, ads, email, and text.
  • [36:31] If I hired you as my ecommerce coach, what metrics would you want me to report?

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