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Introducing: The Infinity Star Rating


When you really love a product or brand, do you ever wish you could give it more than five stars?

Reality check: your customers might be feeling this way, too! As ecommerce continues to grow, Pixlee TurnTo aims to deliver cutting-edge solutions to customer feedback, from ratings & reviews to social user-generated content (UGC) and influencer marketing. Ultimately, our mission to help brands market with their happiest customers shouldn’t stop at a five-star review.

“Why stop ratings at five stars? There are more than five stars in the sky!”

— Galileo, probably

That’s why we believe the five-star rating system needs a makeover. With our platform, your passionate customers can now channel their undying love for your product into more than five little stars.

Introducing… the Pixlee TurnTo SpeedFlex Infinity Star Rating

The Infinity Star Rating is designed for your diehard fans that eat, live and sleep your brand. We want to enable those shoppers and give them away to express themselves beyond the five star review. Rather than leaving the usual five-star rating when they’re satisfied with a product, your shoppers are now able to select and rate their purchases with infinity stars.

Not only will you be able to proudly showcase how much customers love your products, but you can also identify your biggest fans within your existing community. But don’t just take it from us — here’s what top community leaders have to say.

“I always say, give as much love as you can — and with the infinity star rating, customers finally can!” — Cupid

“My presents are undoubtedly the best products on the market, and recipients needed a way to convey that. Infinity stars fill that gap.” — Santa Claus

April Fools!

Ok so, this product doesn’t actually exist, but giving your customers more impactful ways to express their love for your brand is still core to our mission. That’s why it is incredibly important to collect user-generated content (UGC) and text-based feedback from your passionate customers to go beyond the star rating. While an infinity star rating sounds fun in theory, there are plenty of other solutions that can provide you even more insight into purchase motivation and how you can improve your ecommerce strategy.

Reward shoppers to leave reviews through Early Review Incentives (ERI) and obtain that coveted social proof on your website for new products.

Enable Checkout Comments to collect 5-10x the amount of traditional reviews and learn why your customers are buying specific products.

Activate and engage your shoppers via social media by sharing UGC from real customers.

Promote your best customers to brand ambassadors with Pixlee for Creators. Passionate fans can sign up via your brand’s unique pixlee.me link to begin collaborating on new campaigns.

Passionate customers make the best marketers. By giving your community the proper avenues to express their love for your brand, you’ll go beyond the star rating and create an ever-expanding universe of customer feedback.

Special thanks to our friends at Pixlee for their insights on this topic.
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