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Introducing the Shopify Retail Kit: Unify Your Online and Offline Business

Introducing the Shopify Retail Kit: A table with a tablet and a phone, unifying your online and offline business.

Last year, over 100,000 Shopify merchants sold in-person to grow their customer relationships. Even with the fast-paced growth of online shopping, it’s clear retail stores are a critical part of modern commerce.

That’s what makes selling in-person and online such a powerful combination. Your customers can shop where they want to shop, and you get to combine the efficiency of ecommerce with the engaging, hands-on nature of shopping in-store.

However, you need the tools to deliver a seamless online and offline experience. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the new Shopify Retail Kit, a fully-featured hardware collection to help you deliver an unmatched shopping experience in store.

Since the Shopify Retail Kit connects directly to your other locations and online store in Shopify, you can manage your entire business in one place. Power your in-store experience with three tools designed to simplify your checkout process:

  • Tap & Chip Reader. Accept contactless and chip card payments, including Google Pay and Apple Pay, anywhere in the store.
  • Dock. Power and display your Tap & Chip Reader at a comfortable angle that makes payments easy for your customers.
  • Retail Stand. Declutter your counter and delight customers with a flip stand that simplifies checkout.

Set up your store with all three pieces. Get a Shopify Tap & Chip Reader, Dock, and Retail Stand for only $229 right now in the Hardware Store.

Buy the kit now

Offer secure, contactless payments anywhere with Tap & Chip

Tap & Chip Reader: complete checkouts around the store with contactless payments, chip cards, and digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay

Shopify’s Tap & Chip Reader was created with you and your customers in mind. Tap & Chip moves with you to wherever you need it to be, for a convenient checkout experience.

The Tap & Chip Reader accepts chip credit cards and contactless mobile payments, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, directly from your smartphone or tablet. You’ll also be able to accept tap-enabled credit cards. The reader connects wirelessly to phones or tablets using the free Shopify POS app, so your staff can assist shoppers and handle transactions around the store. Plus, the card reader is EMV and PCI certified, making every transaction secure and keeping you and your customers safe.

Winner of a coveted Red Dot Product Design award, Shopify’s Tap & Chip Reader is small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket and features a hardy scratch-resistant and shatter-proof case, design details that ensure it can stand up to daily use around your store.

Make checkout easier with the dock

Shopify’s dock gives you a place to anchor and charge your Tap & Chip Reader on your counter, but it’s more than just a typical docking station.

Our new Dock was designed to remove needless friction from the checkout process. It’s positioned at a comfortable, natural angle to make payments easy for customers, and you can attach it to your countertop to keep it from shifting out of place. Since your Tap & Chip reader will charge anytime the Dock is plugged in, it’s ready to move with you when it’s needed.

Power delightful checkouts with the Retail Stand

We’ve flipped the traditional retail stand on its head—literally. With the Shopify Retail Stand, create a smoother checkout experience by easily flipping the display to face your customer. They can review and complete their purchase on your tablet screen.

Declutter your countertop by charging your tablet and two other devices at the same time, right from the stand. It’s the ideal way to power your Dock and charge your Tap & Chip Reader when it’s docked while simplifying your counter set-up at the same time.

When you need to move around the store, you can take your tablet with you by removing it from the base of your stand. When you’re ready to return, your tablet’s case will reconnect easily so you can get back to selling.

Unify your online and offline business with Shopify

The Shopify Retail Kit is a set of thoughtfully designed in-store tools that pair perfectly with our existing software. Working together, they give you a single place to manage your entire business in Shopify.

You can track inventory across your online store and multiple retail locations with multi-location inventory, sell across popular sales channels like Instagram and eBay and create a truly seamless experience for every customer, no matter where they prefer to shop. If they bought online and want to exchange in-store, you can look up their order directly from your tablet. If they show up with a gift card purchased online, you can accept it in store.

Plus, all your business’ data is in one place. You’ll be able to see retail reports, like which products sell best by location, in the same place as your ecommerce store’s reports.

Create an exceptional experience everywhere

Your customers expect shopping to be simple on every channel, from your physical storefront to your online store and beyond. You need tools that can make meeting those expectations easier, everywhere, which is why we created the Shopify Retail Kit. This collection will help you create a better in-store experience with the most flexible and seamless solution available.

The Shopify Tap & Chip Reader, Dock, and Retail Stand are available in the U.S. at launch. Learn more about the new Shopify Tap & Chip Reader and hardware accessories here.

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This article was originally published by our friends at Shopify.

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