Introducing Unique Coupons In Privy Email Newsletters – Add More Control To Your Discounting Strategy


Discounting is a highly effective tactic for ecommerce businesses to collect email addresses and grow sales.

But to do it right, you need to have control over your coupons: like who gets them and how they are shared.

That’s why Privy has both Master and Unique Coupons. A Master Coupon is a universal code like COUPON123 whereas a Unique Coupon is unique to each person who receives it, therefore it can only be used once.

Today we’re introducing Unique Coupons to Privy Email’s newsletter email type. This means you can automatically include a unique coupon code for each recipient in your newsletter emails.

Let’s dig into that a bit more.

Why would you want to use a Unique Coupon instead of a Master Coupon in your newsletter email? There are two reasons:

  1. Unique Coupons can’t be shared and used by others
  2. A Unique Coupon expires after it’s redeemed on your store

Unique coupons help merchants control discounts. After all, discounts are supposed to feel exclusive. You want your customers to feel special that you offered them a coupon so they will use it to make a purchase.

When To Use Unique Coupons In Your Emails

Anytime you plan on sending newsletter-style emails, you should use a unique coupon. A good example of using a unique coupon in a newsletter is special events or promotions.

For instance, my buddy’s chocolate milk company, Slate Milk, was on Shark Tank last night. (Pretty cool, right?)

Because they were on the show, they saw a big spike in orders on their website.

Now let’s say in two weeks the Slate Milk team wants to follow up with those new customers and offer them a discount to purchase their next case of chocolate milk.

So they write an email offering that audience $10 off their next order.

The Slate Milk team could just include a Master Coupon like SHARKTANK123. But that would mean anyone that receives that code could share it with someone else and they could use it to get $10 off too.

That’s not what Slate Milk wants, and that’s probably not what you would want either, right?

That’s where unique coupon codes come in. Each recipient gets their own unique code and it expires after it’s redeemed in a purchase, so it can’t be shared.

How To Set This Up In Your Privy Account

In your Privy account, under Newsletters, either create a new email or edit an existing email.

To add the coupon code click into the body of the email, where you want the coupon to display. Then click Merge Tags in the formatting bar and select Coupon Code.


Now that you’ve added the coupon code token into the email, you need to attach the right coupon to the email itself.

To do that, jump out of the email editor to the email settings page and you’ll see a section for Coupon Settings this is where you select the Shopify unique coupon.

image4-1After you hit save, you’re all set. The coupon has been attached to the email and each recipient will get their own unique code.

Note: this only works for Shopify integrated customers.

As always, drop us a line in chat or check out our knowledge base for help documentation.

This article originally appeared in the Privy blog and has been published here with permission.

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