Introducing Vitabiotics’ New Loyalty Program

Introducing a man standing in front of a purple screen promoting Vitabots through their new loyalty program.

Reaching $32 billion, the online vitamin and food supplements industry is growing faster than any other sector in ecommerce. As a pioneer in the nutritional healthcare industry for more than 45 years, Vitabiotics offers a rich range of vitamins and food supplements for everyone.

Today, we are excited to share Vitabiotics’ brand new loyalty program – Vitabiotics Rewards. Let’s take a look together!

Haven’t got time to watch the video? Here’s a list of loyalty program tactics Vitabiotics are using and how they’re set up for success.

We look at the brand’s fully-customized program, how they serve up a user-friendly experience and encourage their customers to act as advocates.

Tactic one: Increasing customer acquisition with one-click

Research shows that customers acquired through referrals are up to 24% more loyal than other customers. Vitabiotics was already using a referral strategy, but to increase customer acquisition further, they implemented the refer-a-friend modal on their integrated loyalty page. This makes it easy for customers to refer Vitabiotics to a friend or family member. All they need to do is click a single button to share their unique referral URL.
Vitabiotics Refer A Friend Modal

Tactic two: Turning existing customers to loyal customers

Loyal customers can have up to double the lifetime value of existing customers. It is shown that, through rewarding or motivating your customers for a specific result, you can lead customers to act in a particular, positive way. That’s why Vitabiotics encourages existing customers to sign up to the loyalty program by showing a pop-up on the website that highlights their loyalty program and the 15% discount they’ll get if they sign up.

Tactic three: Boosting average order value with real-time incentives

Vitabiotics promote their loyalty program across product pages to remind and engage with their customers. More importantly, Vitabiotics shows how many points the product is worth under the product image. When customers add the product to their cart, they can directly see how close they are to the next reward. If the customer is near a threshold, Vitabiotics recommends related items to encourage customers to increase their order value.

Vitabiotics Product Page

Tactic four: Using the check-out slider to redeem points seamlessly

22% of customers don’t want to join a loyalty program if earning enough points to redeem a reward takes too long. Vitabiotics’ ecommerce team is aware that checkout is one of the most important steps in the customer journey. That’s why they implemented the check-out slider that allows customers to choose how many points they want to use and redeem them directly in the cart.

Vitabiotics Checkout Slider Copy

This article was originally published by our friends at LoyaltyLion.

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