Introducing: Welcome Popup by Recart

A woman is holding a phone showcasing the Welcome Popup by Recart.

Our team at Recart is always busy developing and testing new subscription tools. Our mission is to help businesses connect to customers on Facebook Messenger, and we believe that having access to the best Messenger subscription tools is key to providing a fun and engaging experience for a massive audience.

Even until now, Recart users had several options to choose from: Sticky Discount Box, Popup integrations, Customer Chat and more. Nevertheless, we were definitely missing one thing: a truly mobile-optimized popup that’s easy to use effectively and works well with email capture popups.

That changes today, as we are releasing the Welcome Popup for all Recart users.

The Welcome Popup might seem simple, but it has all the features you need to take your lead generation strategy to the next level.

A simple design optimized for conversion

To get the best conversion rates, your popup should have a simple design with a clearly visible call-to-action button. When designing the layout for the Recart Welcome Popup, we made sure that your offer will stand out and your message gets across at a glance.

The colors, fonts, and the content can be customized to perfectly match your brand image. You can also add your logo.

Displayed exclusively for mobile visitors

To avoid any clashes with your email marketing popups, the Recart Welcome Popup will only be displayed for visitors using a mobile device.

Since email popups have lower conversion rate on mobile devices, it is best to keep the email popup enabled for desktop visitors and use the Welcome Popup for subscribing visitors on mobile devices.

Guaranteed seamless Messenger experience on all devices

With previous subscription tools, some mobile devices introduced undesired friction. The Welcome Popup will open the set conversation flow on all devices immediately.

Therefore, you can be sure that your Recart Welcome Popup will provide the best possible user experience for your customers and the highest subscription rate for your business. Win-win!

You can connect it to any custom conversation flow

You can simply create a custom conversation flow and set it as the conversation flow for the popup within the Welcome Popup editor. This way, you can easily test conversation flow variations or set up temporary conversation flows with some festive content during holidays.

Highest conversion rate for Messenger

During the development of Welcome Popup, we ran extensive tests on multiple real-life stores and saw an immediate increase in subscription and conversion rates, without exception.

We expect all stores to collect significantly more leads, subscribers and sales after enabling the Welcome Popup.

Free addition to all Recart subscriptions

Instead of paying extra for a standalone popup app, you can simply enable the Recart Welcome Popup, available in your Recart account, at no extra charge.

You can also use the Welcome Popup alongside other popups, just make sure that they are set to display for desktop visitors only. This way, your mobile visitors will see the Welcome Popup, while your desktop visitors will see the other popup.

To start using the Recart Welcome Popup, simply visit the Conversation Starters page and enable the popup by clicking on the switch.

This article originally appeared in the Recart blog and has been published here with permission.

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