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Introducing Yotpo Grow: An Incubator For The Brands Of The Future


As the champion for the brands of tomorrow, Yotpo has long supported the types of brands that we want to see succeed. They’re scrappy disruptors, able challengers, and upstart brands that take risks — the ones that will do everything they can to provide value to the customers they serve.

But sometimes, the moment calls for something more. That’s why we started Yotpo Grow, a brand incubator program designed to partner with small businesses that are underrepresented in the eCommerce space. This first class of the Yotpo Grow program will support Black-owned brands. In each new class, the spotlight will change.

The idea for Yotpo Grow came from conversations we were having within Yotpo about new ways we can engage with the world around us, while capitalizing on our strengths as a company. With plenty of empty statements circulating from big brands, we wanted to create something actionable and personal.

Yotpo Grow is the result of that. In addition to bringing about broader c …

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Special thanks to our friends at Yotpo for their insights on this topic.
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