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Introducing: Zaius On-Site Personalization

Two laptops with a blue screen and a pink screen featuring Zaius On-Site Personalization.

With Zaius On-Site Personalization, it’s simple for Ecommerce marketers to:

  • Drive more sales from web traffic
  • Ensure the shopping experience is consistent and barrier-free at every touchpoint
  • Gives shoppers the inspiration to make additional purchases

While the benefits of using On-Site Personalization are hopefully obvious, you may be wondering where to start if you’ve never done this before.  That’s why we’ve created two scripted plays for how to use this feature.   

2 Simple Plays for On-Site Personalization

The Returning Visitor Play

Statistically speaking, the odds of converting your web traffic are stacked against you in a few different ways:  

What this should scream out to any marketer is that in order to increase conversions for new website visitors, you need a strategy to spoon-feed them the clearest path to conversion.  And what better way to do that than to cater to their specific tastes?  This is the moment where you can turn your Ecommerce store into a personal shopper for your visitors.  

Every time someone lands on your website, they’re leaving digital breadcrumbs for what they’re interested in, what kinds of products they’re likely buy, and how deep in their buying journey they are.  Because Zaius tracks, indexes, and understands every action that your site visitors (even the anonymous ones) have taken, you’re able to easily access, segment, and then activate that data across your marketing channels.  

Here’s the play:

Create a web modal that displays a few of products that they’ve recently viewed. 

Here’s what it looks like in Zaius:

Remember, your goal is to create relevance across every touchpoint of your brand. Present your shoppers with the products that caught their eyes initially because if you can show them that you understand and appreciate their tastes, you’re smoothing their path to conversion. 

And here’s what it looks like to your Returning Visitors:

The Paid-Ad Play

For all of the digital marketers out there who live and die by the effectiveness of paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google, you know the value of improving your campaigns by even a percentage point.  In a world of rising CAC and increased competition for shoppers attention, improving the conversion rates of your paid traffic is the most important thing you can focus on.  

Traffic from paid campaigns can have the highest intent of any source, because you’ve brought them to your store when they’re farther along in their buying cycle than your average visitor.  Often times, they’ve clicked your ad and spent time on a product-detail page for that very reason: they’re ready to buy.  

But we know how this goes:  the majority of this traffic doesn’t actually convert.  So how can we improve our odds to drive a sale? The Paid-Ad Play.  

The strategy here is to add a Web Embed to the product detail page that you’re driving traffic to.  It’s a good opportunity to present the visitor with other products that are related to the featured product on the page.  In this play, you can recommend products that are frequently purchased alongside the featured product. 

First, you want to make sure that you’re only showing this Web Embed to visitors who came to the site as part of a specific paid campaign.

In this example, visitors who click on an ad for baby shoes: 

Next, you want to insert other top selling baby shoes as a product recommendation inside of the Web Embed as a way to present the user with additional options to buy:

And here’s what that looks like to the shopper:

Now these are just a few simple and effective examples of how using Zaius On-Site Personalization makes it simple to create a personalized and consistent shopping experience, but the possibilities are endless.We’re excited to see what you come up with.Interested in giving Zaius On-Site Personalization a try?  Let’s get started together.

Get Started with Zaius On-Site Personalization

This article originally appeared in the Zaius blog and has been published here with permission.

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