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Ishka Increases Revenue With Time-Sensitive Web Push Notifications About Its Flash Sales

A website with time-sensitive web push notifications about flash sales.


Use Case

Flash Sales


In 1971, a young and talented craftsman used his passion for the arts to set up Ishka. Almost half a century later, the homewares brand has successfully set up 38 flagship stores across Australia. As business started to boom and online selling grew in popularity, Ishka set up its online business 5 years ago, starting with Magento and scaling up to Shopify Plus. 

With its omnichannel strategy, Ishka has been able to capture the surge in demand for online shopping, providing a flexible delivery and shopping experience to their customers. 

Ishka and PushOwl at a glance

  • 30 flash sale promotions sent via web push in 3 months
  • $2875.90 AUD earned on average per flash sale campaign
  • Average of 217 clicks per flash sale campaign
  • 3.7% click rate on web push notifications

“A lot of people do find text messages quite invasive but with web push, it isn’t invasive and instead friendlier compared to text. It definitely is bringing in great results.”

Sarah Irvine

eCommerce Manager, Ishka


Sales are usually slow mid-week. Ishka has been able to creatively solve this with a 12-hour sale on Wednesdays. Ishka runs this time-sensitive sale by offering a 50% discount coupon on a specific product or by offering free shipping across the store.

But, promoting this time-sensitive sale is tricky. With email, subscribers receive these campaigns in one go. Subscribers who view email campaigns about these limited-time deals after the sale expires feel disheartened about missing the sale, causing a negative experience.  


Ishka was introduced to PushOwl via the Shopify Plus Facebook group. After hearing merchant stories on their experience using web push, Ishka jumped on board, setting up crucial PushOwl features like abandoned cart reminders. 

Most importantly, using PushOwl, Ishka is able to send web push notifications about their sales. PushOwl’s flash sale feature lets Ishka add an expiry time to their promotion and ensure that the campaign is not received by any of their subscribers after the sale ends. 

INFO: Flash sale is a feature on PushOwl so that you can add an expiry time to your time-sensitive campaigns so that it stops sending once your promotion ends.

Here’s how a flash sale campaign works for email compared to web push notifications—

It’s easier to catch customer attention with web push and get them to come back to the store and shop while the sale is still running.


With PushOwl, Ishka could effortlessly set up campaigns that are sent only for the period of time that the sale is live. The flash sale feature helps the brand mitigate negative experiences that subscribers would have if they receive the promotion after the sale ends. 

Ishka has generated an average of 217 clicks and $2875.9 AUD for each 12-hour flash sale campaign by using PushOwl. 

“Web push has done great things for us. We love seeing the results. It’s such a small amount of work and set up for such huge results.” 

Sarah Irvine

eCommerce Manager, Ishka


Felix Süllwold

Felix is taking care of partnerships at PushOwl. If you scrolled down this far, you should probably sign up for the partner program: pushowl.com/partners.
He lives by the motto “Don’t follow your dreams, follow us on Instagram: @pushowl”

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Special thanks to our friends at PushOwl for their insights on this topic.
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