July feature updates from LoyaltyLion

July feature updates from LoyaltyLion.

As a part of our commitment to our merchants, we keep updating our features to provide you with a better experience.

Today we are excited to announce our new features Cross-Store Rewards and CSV Export update as well as our new integration with Shopney.

👉 Use Cross-Store Rewards to support your other ecommerce businesses

Fast-growth Shopify merchants often have more than one store to cater to various markets. But, managing multiple stores can be challenging. To optimize website traffic and engagement of both stores, you might be looking for a way to encourage customers from one store to shop another.

LoyaltyLion’s latest feature, Cross-Store Rewards, enables customers to earn points and claim a reward on one store which can then be redeemed on another store. From now on Enterprise merchants using Shopify can use Cross-Store Rewards to encourage their customers to engage with their other ecommerce businesses or partners. 

As long as you have more than one store under the same LoyaltyLion subscription plan, and use a different loyalty program for each of your sites, you can create discounts that will be usable across your stores. As a result, you’ll get more traffic and high-intent customers across multiple stores.

👉 Optimize your rewards budget and program engagement

79% of customers become loyal to brands if they can unlock exclusive rewards and benefits. And, once they become loyal members, 3 to 5 engage with their rewards program at least once a month.

Today only in the US there are 2.6 billion loyalty program memberships. As the loyalty industry and engagement grows, marketing teams are looking for efficient ways to analyze and optimize their rewards budget. 

In LoyaltyLion, merchants have always been able to see all the data around vouchers, how many times a reward has been redeemed, and how many points customers spend to redeem. 

But, from now on, merchants can also discover their customers’ claimed and unclaimed rewards. If you are a LoyaltyLion user, go to your Rewards page and click the button on the top right to export a detailed CSV report. This will help you to optimize your rewards budget and engagement more easily.

👉 New integration: display your loyalty program on your mobile app with Shopney 

With mobile shoppers making 21% of all ecommerce sales worldwide, mobile apps have become the norm for businesses looking to reach out to shoppers on a personal level.

If your loyalty program does not appear to mobile shoppers you might be missing opportunities to build longer-lasting shopper relationships. This is why today we are excited to announce our new integration with Shopney.

Shopney enables Shopify merchants to build a mobile app in minutes. To increase engagement with your loyalty program, you can now display it to shoppers from within your Shopney mobile app, either in the menu section or on the home page.

By using LoyaltyLion and Shopney together, you can show loyalty program members their loyalty profiles while they are shopping via their mobiles. You can also reward mobile shoppers for signing up, making purchases, and other positive behaviors. This helps you to retain and grow your existing mobile shoppers by giving them more opportunities to earn points that they will return to redeem in the future.

Want to find out how LoyaltyLion and Shopney can work together to elevate your Shopify store? Check out our integration page or book a demo with a member of our team today.

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Ipek is a Product Marketing Consultant at LoyaltyLion. Before doing her Marketing masters at the Queen Mary University of London, she worked in top global advertising and marketing agencies providing creative strategies for both B2B and B2C clients. At LoyaltyLion, Ipek makes sure our readers get the best content about LoyaltyLion's features and how it can help to power your ecommerce businesses.

This article originally appeared in the LoyaltyLion blog and has been published here with permission.

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