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Justuno Becomes The Primary Sponsor Of PPC Chat


Are you looking to get a creative edge on your paid initiatives? Justuno is thrilled to partner with PPC Chat as its Primary Sponsor, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 12 PM ET. Profitable conversion rate optimization begins with the right traffic, and we’re excited to empower the paid media industry as they connect to discuss ad platform changes, new privacy considerations, workflow hacks, targeting strategies, and other critical insights.

As a resource for advertisers of all levels, this is a great way to meet other PPC marketers and learn from their experiences. We’re excited to sponsor such a thriving community of marketers supporting and learning from each other every week.

Previous topics include contracts & setting expectations, ethics in PPC, what-if scenarios, and much more. As always, a recap of the Twitter discussion can be read on their website, and PPC Chat has recently introduced an audio podcast version of the discussions as well.

By sponsoring PPC Chat, we hope to help further PPC marketing education and resources like those PPC Chat provides, while enabling more paid media experts to take advantage of best-in-class conversion optimization tools from Justuno.

Our VP of Marketing, Jane Serra, is an avid follower of the weekly Twitter chats, she said “PPC Chat is a staple of the paid media industry and Justuno is proud to support practitioners and strategists of all skill levels as they learn and share together in this amazing space. As a fan of this community for many years, I’m grateful for the opportunity to loop in innovative solutions like Justuno, that help paid media folks upskill themselves in CRO and other related, but often neglected disciplines.”

Julie Friedman Bacchini, Managing Director of PPC Chat, said “when Justuno expressed interest in becoming the primary sponsor of PPC Chat, we were really excited about the possibilities. They offer a number of services that can help PPC professionals get better results for their clients. Members of their team have also been active participants in our chats for some time and have been positive contributors to both our conversations and community.” 

Make sure to check out PPC Chat Tuesday on Twitter to catch the conversation in action and add your own perspective. See you there!

This originally appeared on JustUno and is made available here to educate and cast a wider net of discovery.
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