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Kick-start Black Friday with our Ready-to-go SMS Templates


Black Friday is something that merchants both await impatiently and dread at the same time. Especially this year, with the major shift in consumer behavior towards online shopping and the sky-high projected spending, you need to make sure your game is on point in order to score big.

That’s why team SMSBump is here to help you be completely prepared for the craziest shopping holiday in retail and get the most out of our app. Our special offer to you this year is a 100% off on 14 tried-and-tested text marketing templates that will win you big. Some offer, right? We also made sure to cover the industries that get the most traffic on BFCM. 

Time to get started!

Tech Gadgets 

frame 201 d43b83c1ec{SiteName}: Hi {FirstName}. Give yourself an upgrade to celebrate Black Friday like a champ. Go tangle-free with our wireless earbuds, now at 30% off: {DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out. 


202 2911677c73

{SiteName}: A queen doesn’t need a special occasion to look fabulous! Slip on a stunning dress with a Black Friday special 50% discount: {DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out. 

Accessories (jewelry, watches, bags)

203 0be24560d7{SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, you know that bag you always wanted? This Black Friday you can buy it and grab a second one half off with code BOGO50: {DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out.  

Important: here, instead of just a link with an embedded discount, we’ve actually included a physical discount (the “BOGO50”), which needs to be generated from your Shopify dashboard. More on how to do that, see in our knowledge-base article


204 67d9a4

{SiteName}: Your feet deserve nothing but the best, {FirstName}. Even Black Friday knows that! Sprint like the Roadrunner with our running shoes, now at 50% off with code POOF: {DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out. 

Beauty and grooming 

205 7d69

{SiteName}: Feeling like a new, fabulous look? Make jaws drop with your gorgeous glow, {FirstName}. All make-up kits at a glossy 40% discount this Black Friday: {DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out. 

Bed, Bath and Black Friday 

206 a1649ffa2b

{SiteName}: Winter is here, {FirstName}! But so is Black Friday. Stay warm this snowy season with our cosy blankets. Snuggle up with one with code COSY for a 40% discount: {DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out. 

Cooking Equipment 

207 9adc1e107f

{SiteName}: Looks yummy, right {FirstName}? Treat yourself to a nice home-made meal, brought to you by HQ kitchen gadgets. Get them for half the price this Black Friday: {DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out. 

Home Renovation Supplies 

208 23b3fc9

{FirstName}, build your dream house with our Black Friday super offers. All home supply 40% off with code SPARKLE: {DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out.

Kids Toys 

209 218a51b1e1

{SiteName}: Don’t know what to get your kids for Christmas, {FirstName}? How about EVERYTHING? Stock your jolly sack this Black Friday weekend, 50% off on all toys: {DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out. 


210 9e9b6febf5

{SiteName}: Start off strong this holiday season, {FirstName}. Pair up your favorite seasonal protein with some pre-workout booster. Shop now with discount code TODAY40 for a 40% off: {DiscountCodeURL}.  Text STOP to opt out.


211 41a643e74{SiteName}: Don’t miss out on 999 sweet deals. Enjoy our 50% off sale, available only this Black Friday! Shop now: {DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out. 

212 76d325a8f5

{SiteName}: Hey, {FirstName}, we’ve got some exciting news! Our 24h Cyber Monday flash sale starts NOW. Enjoy 30% off on selected items at:{DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out. 

213 472a84804b

{SiteName}: Hey, {FirstName}, you can be the first to get our Black Friday deals! Use code BF2020 and get amazing discounts of up to 70%: {DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out. 

214 b9512a7a83

{SiteName}: Hey, {FirstName}, Black Friday is quickly approaching! Enjoy amazing discounts + safe & secure shopping at: {DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out. 

These were our BFCM – themed templates to inspire you for the upcoming hectic retail season. Implement them in your text marketing strategy and let us know how it went 🙂

Happy texting, folks! 

This article originally appeared by our friends at SMSbump.

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