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Now On Kickstarter: ComFits, The Ultimate Everyday Performance Sock By Sheec

A person sitting on concrete steps, tying the laces of their white and gray sneakers, wearing black leggings and blue socks, in preparation for the Kickstarter launch.

With over 11 years of research and innovation, Sheec has revolutionized the sock industry with its dedication to functional, comfortable, and stylish designs.

They’ve mastered no-shows and are taking the performance sock game to a new level.

Today, we’re excited to announce the brand new Kickstarter launch with their highest-tech socks yet: the Sheec ComFits, an everyday performance sock designed to redefine your daily sock-wearing experience.

The Journey to ComFits

Sheec Socks embarked on a mission to design a performance sock that wasn’t limited to just sports enthusiasts – because everyone’s feet need support (not just athletes). They recognized the evolving landscape of footwear, where the lines between dress shoes and casual sneakers blurred. The rise of dress sneakers marked a pivotal moment, prompting Sheec to address a gap in the sock industry: the need for a versatile, supportive, and nice-looking everyday sock.

Leveraging their extensive knowledge and industry network, Sheec decided to produce ComFits in a factory specializing in performance sock manufacturing. Months of rigorous testing and prototyping followed, culminating in creating ComFits – a sock that seamlessly blends style, support, and functionality for all-day comfort.

What’s Different About ComFits?

ComFits are not your typical performance sock. They represent a fusion of innovation and high-tech design, offering a unique blend of style and functionality. Finally, there’s a sock that can support your lifestyle –wherever life takes you. Here’s what sets the ComFits apart from your typical performance sock:

Stylish Socks with Performance Tech

ComFits provide the comfort and support of athletic socks without compromising on style. You won’t need to sport neon colors for your morning errands or office meetings. ComFits offer all the technical features of a performance sock while maintaining a sleek, understated appearance. With ankle and crew cuts to choose from and two neutral color options, you can transition seamlessly from the gym to business meetings without worrying about your socks clashing with your shoes or outfit.

Innovative Sock Composition

Their breathable Aqua-X Fiber keeps your feet cool while moisture-wicking AeroDri fiber keeps your feet dry. A one-of-a-kind combination of polypropylene yarn + AeroDri fiber in the sole makes for maximum durability and a natural non-slip grip. ComFits feature a seamless toe design, expertly crafted using advanced toe-linking technology, ensuring a smooth, irritation-free experience throughout your day. Plus, Exceptional durability is guaranteed with ComFits, thanks to reinforced toes and heels. And with strategically placed cushion zones, ComFits provide vital protection for your joints and deliver shock absorption without the excess bulk of a typical padded sock.

Redefine Socks and Join Sheec’s Kickstarter Launch

Sheec Socks is no stranger to Kickstarter. Over five years ago, they launched their Secret 3.0 Ultra low-cut socks on the platform, introducing their innovative no-show socks to a new audience. With ComFits, they’re back on Kickstarter to celebrate innovation once again with a new type of performance sock. ComFits are not just socks; they represent a significant leap forward in sock technology, and Kickstarter is the perfect platform to share this unique design with the world.

Sheec Socks has once again redefined what a sock can be with the introduction of ComFits. These everyday performance socks offer unparalleled comfort, support, and style, making them the ideal choice for any occasion. Whether running, working, or exploring the city, ComFits is designed to elevate your daily experiences wherever life takes you.

Join Sheec on Kickstarter as they launch ComFits on September 12th and be among the first to experience the future of footwear. Visit the Sheec Socks website to learn more and stay updated on this exciting performance socks Kickstarter campaign. 

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