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KnoCommerce Utilizes Zero Party Data To Create New Revenue


Review of KnoCommerce: Customer Survey Tool

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May 11

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May 5, 2022

May 11, 2022 10:20

Do you want to know where customers rank your products on a scale of 1-10? What about learning about their favorite colors, scents, or flavors? How about asking them to leave a written review after they’ve made a purchase?

And what if one tool in your marketing tech stack could allow you to do all of the above?

Thankfully, that’s what KnoCommerce is all about. 

KnoCommerce helps you collect zero-party data through surveys placed anywhere on your website. These surveys offer interactive experiences to customers, generating more revenue for your brand. 

Even if you haven’t heard of it before, you may already have experienced the technology while shopping online. Kno is helping businesses in all verticals collect these insights – including Olipop, Enso Rings, Pipcorn, and Nomad

While there are various survey tools available on the market for Shopify brands, there are several reasons why I recommend looking into Kno as your solution. Let me explain more about Kno’s technology and how you can use it in three steps.

What exactly is KnoCommerce? 

KnoCommerce is a customer survey tool for Ecommerce brands to collect zero-party data and create more personalized shopping experiences. From NPS (Net Promoter Survey), post-purchase follow-ups, attribution questions, and essential customer insights, Kno will help you learn more about your customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Now… Why do I like Kno?

The truth is that 80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from businesses creating personalized experiences. Kno can collect thousands of customer data points, and it’s quickly becoming an essential part of many Ecommerce tech stacks.

Also, Kno integrates with some of the top tools, offers deep customization, and includes a variety of features and templates for brands of all sizes. 

Collecting data is one thing, but marketers know how you use that data matters. With Kno, you get the information that matters and can use it seamlessly to create better experiences with your other marketing tools. 

Beyond collecting customer insights, Kno builds engaging shopping experiences to drive a new revenue stream—both at the pre-purchase and post-purchase stages. 

How KnoCommerce works

Setting up KnoCommerce is easy—and with an extensive list of templates, you can get your first survey up in minutes. Install Kno from the Shopify App Store and connect it to your account. Next, get creative by building your first survey.

Step 1: Build your survey

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Kno has many pre-built templates for sophisticated survey types and question options available in every user’s dashboard. These are designed to help you learn about shoppers in different ways. For example, you can understand why a customer chose your brand, run an NPS survey, or simply ask customers about their birthday and other personal interests. 

You can even create your survey from scratch and still have your first survey live on your website in no time. Once you’re finished, deploy your survey on the purchase confirmation screen, with a link, or anywhere you can add custom HTML.

Step 2: Collect insights

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Once your survey is live, it’s time to start promoting it. There are various ways to get your survey in front of your audience, and you can collect over 60 order and question response data points by doing so. 

Try placing it strategically on your checkout confirmation page, linking to it in your post-purchase email flow, or driving users to it from your social media posts—just to name a few ideas.

To review your insights, go to the “Data” tab in your dashboard to see detailed reports by survey, question, and audience.

Additionally, you can use your surveys to drive action, such as collecting email and SMS sign-ups, social media follows, and product reviews. You can also create dynamic promo codes to incentivize customers who take the time to respond to your questions. 

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Step 3: Integrate your data

KnoCommerce deeply integrates with several tools, such as 

With these integrations, marketers can make the most out of their insights by creating personalized email flows, comparing them with subscription data, and combining them with other analytics tools.

And if Kno doesn’t have a direct integration with one of your tools, you can export all of your data for offline use or retrieve it by API for use with any platform that allows you to import data from an API.

Final thoughts on KnoCommerce

One of the many reasons I like KnoCommerce is because they’re accessible to all sizes of stores. Whether you’re small, large, or scaling, KnoCommerce can work with (and stay with) you. There’s even a free plan where you can create one survey experience with three questions to try it out. 

As long as you have an established customer base, Kno can be your partner in gathering over 60 types of customer insights.

Survey tools like Kno are incredibly powerful— for your brand and your customers. Every data point helps you improve the customer experience in some way. 

Whether it’s creating personalized, dynamic email experiences, finding ways to improve your product, or even writing stronger messaging about your brand on your website, surveys are your key to unlocking all of these growth opportunities. 

If you’re ready to power your Shopify store with surveys, check out KnoCommerce.

Special thanks to our friends at Ecommerce Tech for their insights on this topic.
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