Kustomer Named As A Finalist In The 2021 SaaS Awards


Kustomer Named as a Finalist in the 2021 Saas Awards

As competition reaches new heights among e-commerce merchants, businesses have come to realize that delivering a superior customer experience can be a key differentiator for customers. Kustomer was built to deliver on those expectations while maintaining efficiency and profitability for customer service departments. In recognition of that achievement, we are proud to announce that Kustomer is a finalist in the 2021 SaaS Awards Program in the category of “Best SaaS Product for Customer Service/CRM.”

Head of operations for the SaaS Awards, James Williams, said, “Just as SaaS technologies have been vital in pivoting organizational functions to respond to global crises, they will be essential as we look forward to returning to normal levels of productivity.”

Customer service has changed drastically over the past fifteen years, when things like smartphones and Twitter didn’t exist. Customer service software was not built to accommodate the expectations and channels of today’s customers, but Kustomer is.

Many customer service solutions on the market today are ticket-based, meaning they identify the customer as an attribute of an inbound or outbound message and build the communication around that ticket. These systems prioritize the metric of a “done ticket” over a customer relationship. In contrast, Kustomer puts the customer as the center of each interaction. By tying existing applications, business processes, and performance to the experience of the customer, companies are able to deliver more human interactions, as they know the full context and history of that customer and how they’ve interacted with the brand in the past.

Additionally, customer service organizations are now being forced to do more with less. Kustomer increases customer service efficiency by automating and streamlining repetitive and manual tasks with the help of AI. Through intelligent chatbots, low-level conversations and information gathering can be deflected, freeing up agent time for more challenging and meaningful customer interactions.

The CX organization is invaluable to a business and in the online world, they are often the sole face of the brand. We pride ourselves on being able to partner with our customers to deliver on the high expectations of their customers.

Special thanks to our friends at Kustomer for their insights on this topic.
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