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Launched: Recover Abandoned Browsers with Web Push

A woman is standing in front of a shopping cart while using web push to recover abandoned browsers.

There is no doubt that abandoned cart recovery is the most effective automation in eCommerce. There is no doubt?! “70% of online shopping carts are actually abandoned and don’t lead to an order” it is difficult to find any eCommerce blog that doesn’t hit the reader with this stat over and over again. 

We agree — notification sequences that inform potential customers about their abandoned cart are a highly relevant and high-ROI marketing initiative. But, what about all these store visitors that browse your product page but never add anything to the cart nor purchase? 

Enter Browse Abandonment

PushOwl’s Browse Abandonment automation makes it easy to target subscribers that have browsed one or multiple product pages, yet haven’t added any item to the cart (therefore not triggering the abandoned cart recovery). A sequence of up to three reminders will be started based on the time of the last product view. Starting with the most expensive yet available item, these browse abandonment messages promote different store products and with just one click, the subscriber returns to the product page. You can find all the technical details on our helpdesk.

abandoned browsers

It’s not like printing money

I am not saying that enabling the Browse Abandonment automation is like printing money. But it is pretty close to it. 

The simple fact that you can reach people with targeted and relevant messages – but don’t require their email address or phone number – opens up a totally new channel for moving potential customers down the purchase funnel. You will only need your store visitors to opt-in to web push notifications which happens with a simple click on ‘Allow’ on a native browser prompt that shows together with your Chrome, Firefox, Safari, et cetera. 

You can also use our widgets like the custom prompt to promote a coupon code for new subscribers – thereby even increasing the subscription rate to this relatively new marketing channel. On average, 5% of eligible traffic opts-in to web push notifications.

With the new browse abandonment feature, you can re-engage shoppers who drop-off before they take any action and bring them back to your product page with just one click. 

The Results are in!

Prior to launching this new feature, we had tested the concept of Browse Abandonment with 50 of our most forward-thinking merchants in a closed beta. 

We analyzed the adoption by marketers, the notification performance, typical marketing copy and promises used, as well as its impact on returning visitors and orders/revenue. 

What surprised us most was the sheer volume that Browse Abandonment had for our beta merchants: 

  • In absolute numbers, slightly more notifications were sent for browse abandonment than for the abandoned cart recovery.
  • Browse abandonment has a higher engagement rate with a 9.7% CTR while Abandoned Cart Recovery “only” had a CTR of 9.2%.

Are you ready to take your retention marketing to the next level and make more revenue with the store traffic you already have? Browse Abandonment is available on the PushOwl Enterprise plan. Schedule a demo or chat with our team on the dashboard.

This article originally appeared in the PushOwl blog and has been published here with permission.

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