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Expand Your Bathroom Collection Product Mix With Letta London’s Wall-Mounted Basin Taps

A white sink with a wall-mounted faucet.

Wall-mounted taps offer highly-practical solutions compared to traditional bathroom taps. Besides their simplistic design that gifts more space, wall-mounted taps can become a vital cynosure in any bathroom's interior décor.

Moreover, whether you want bronze-plated faucets or black wall-mounted basin taps, there are enough options to take the bathroom's aesthetics to a whole new level across traditional and contemporary styles. They also sport easy-to-use features with top-notch quality you absolutely can't ignore.

Every piece in Letta London's wall-mounted basin top collection wears a sophisticated look. Customers also can choose between easy-to-use single-lever or dual-handle controls to suit their tastes. Without wasting any further time, here are some of Letta London's top wall-mounted basin taps to upgrade your e-commerce store's bathroom collection.

Matt Black Wall Mounted Basin Fitting – Solid Brass

Crafted using solid brass, the matt black wall-mounted basin tap can easily elevate the sophistication in any modern bathroom décor. First, black bathroom décor has seen increasing popularity in UK homes. The color has moved from being suspected of evoking fear to one you'll find in most established interior decors nationwide.

Our Matt Black Wall Mounted Basin Fitting – Solid Brass runs using a single lever design, making controlling water temperature and flow easier. Plus, you also have additional space left on your countertop since it's wall-mounted ware.

Place it over the counter to enjoy plenty of clearance to wash your hands and teeth, giving you a practical piece in a bathroom feature. Regardless of your bathroom theme or design, the Matt Black Wall Mounted Basin Fitting can be an excellent addition to any bathroom.

Bristol Concealed 2-Hole Basin Fitting, Wall-Mounted

With its luxurious bronze finish and contemporary single-lever design, not many bathroom taps exude as much sophistication as this piece. The Bagnodesign Soft Bronze Wall-Mounted 2-Hole Concealed Basin Mixer Tap has a modern single-lever design and mixer functionality that can easily make a stylish statement in any bathroom.

Crafted by Bagnodesign, one of the foremost brands in the luxury bathroom product space, this modern tap can easily complement any bathroom color theme or overall design. Its concealed mounting and design ensures a clutter-free space with no plumbing in view.

Chrome Wall Basin Mixer Tap – 19cm Sprout – Spring

The Chrome Wall Basin Mixer Tap from Bruma's Spring collection is another statement piece of modern bathroom you want on your e-commerce store. This mixer tap dons concealed features that gift it a sleek and contemporary appearance.

Moreover, it wears stainless steel finish to complement any bathroom color or décor idea. This classic piece's wall-mounted design gives you more counter space to maximize minimalist bathrooms. It includes an optional waste set and inclusive concealed parts. Anyone seeking to remodel their bathroom for extra functionality and convenience should consider this piece.

3 Hole Wall Mounted Mixer Tap, Chrome – Saneux Pascale

Here's introducing the 3-Hole Wall Mounted Mixer Tap from Saneux Pascale, one of the UK's leading brands in bathroom furniture manufacture.

Its 3-piece chrome wall-mounted basin tap can easily update your bathroom's look. It's easy to install and sports a modern, sleek look that can fit into minimal space. Whether you're thinking of remodeling a guest cloakroom or the master bathroom with a trendy and functional wall-mounted mixer tap, here's an option.

Brushed Steel Wall Mounted Basin Mixer – Modern Design

The last – but not the least – wall-mounted basin tap on our list is the Brushed Steel Wall Mounted Basin Fitting. This faucet is made from solid brass and has high prospects of adding a stylish and modern look to any bathroom. It has an impressive brushed steel finish giving your space a sleek and contemporary appearance.

This bathroom piece isn't only durable and long-lasting. It has a single-lever design that makes for easy control with one hand. It sports a high arc spout that offers plenty of space for splashing water over the face or washing your hands.

Not to forget its sleek design and easy-to-clean surface. The brushed steel tap gives a practical blend of functionality and aesthetics in any modern bathroom design. Whether you want to remodel your bathroom or furnish a new one, this faucet can make a statement in the bathroom. 


This blog post explores how expanding your e-commerce store's product mix with complementary items, like Letta London's wall-mounted basin taps, can lead to a more satisfying customer experience and increased revenue. By strategically incorporating products that enhance each other, brands can meet customers' needs and drive growth and success in the competitive world of online retail.

Letta London offers an extensive array of striking wall-mounted basin taps that every fashionable e-commerce store needs to stock. With exceptional designs from top bathroom furniture manufacturers and practical faucet features, our showroom has the ideal faucet or related bathroom accessory for any space.

If you're seeking a dependable source for contemporary, chic, and functional faucets to cater to your potential customers or personal bathroom, explore the Letta London showroom today and discover the perfect bathroom faucets to fulfill your requirements.

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