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Link Building Strategies: 12 Effective Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

A hand holding a pen points to the word "traffic" highlighted in red, surrounded by associated terms like "SEO," "marketing," and "link building strategies" on a white background.

You can’t underestimate the importance of building backlinks if you wish organic traffic to your site.

In 2024, promoting your website through search engines will rely heavily on several factors. These include high-quality content, mobile optimization, thorough keyword research, a well-organized site structure, optimized images, and a robust link profile.

Let’s talk about backlinks. Using them properly, you can achieve a higher website ranking, faster indexing of new pages, and targeted organic traffic generation.

Marketers and SEOs are using innovative backlink-building strategies and reliable and proven ones. We have researched this issue and compiled our list of the most effective white-hat strategies to get traffic to your site. We will not beat around the bush for a long time but immediately move on to analyzing link-building strategies.


Using outreach correctly, you can get an impressive effect and kill two birds with one stone. This strategy is aimed not only at building a link profile but also at increasing brand awareness. Outreach is a classic PR tool.

What is the point of outreach? You are looking for popular authoritative sites with a high rating, coverage, and audience. You can find the pages you want to get backlinks from and then contact the webmaster of a particular site and ask him to place a link to your resource. When writing an email, be sure to provide reasons why the administrator should accept your offer.—As an alternative, you can buy parasite seo services to get the link building process performed faster.

The strategy is universal because anyone can use it to promote various projects (SaaS, travel, cryptocurrencies, finance, etc.). At first glance, the technique seems to be simple. But it’s not. You have to build communication with the administrators of the resources you are considering to get backlinks from. Offering something valuable and worthy of attention to popular sites is challenging.

Outreach stages:

  • looking for relevant sites;
  • filtering these sites;
  • drawing up an engaging proposal for webmasters;
  • placing backlinks;
  • tracking links.

The selection of relevant websites is the first problem that you will face. Where can you find sites to publish backlinks? How can you check the reliability of resources? How should you start communication with a webmaster and make the conversation successful? Let’s shed some light on these questions.

Source: SEMrush.com 

As practice shows, all novice marketers and SEO specialists who are just starting to work on building a link profile look for platforms manually. Some of them use search engines. Someone buys resource bases of a particular subject. However, these methods are time-consuming. In the third case, it is also expensive and ineffective. 

You probably have a list of competitors. Check where your competitors get new links from. It is easier to do this using such tools as Semrush. Evaluate the quality of the resources on which the content with links is published and establish a connection with the webmaster. Advanced professionals look for platforms through services like Ahrefs Content Explorer or Semrush Link Building Tool.

Guest Posting

This strategy is similar to the one above. However, this is when you post content that links to your online recourse on a third-party site. Many incredibly informational and news websites have a “write for us” offer. By the way, you can search for suitable platforms in search engines through this same question. 

In addition to traditional guest blogging, consider leveraging reverse guest posting to diversify your backlink strategy. This approach flips the script: instead of offering your content to other sites, you invite high-quality writers to contribute to yours. By attracting relevant guest bloggers and featuring their expertise, you create valuable resources for your audience. These guest authors will likely link back to their articles on your site within their own content, naturally building backlinks for you. This fosters a win-win situation: you gain valuable content and backlinks, while guest bloggers gain exposure to your audience.

As a bonus, we will tell you about a service that has the potential to simplify the work of professionals who value time significantly. The Collaborator service is considered the best tool for building a backlink profile. Guest posting has never been so easy. 

Collaborator searches for relevant sites for you. You choose the appropriate options from the list and apply for cooperation. Getting approval for publication is as easy as a pie. We propose to take a look at the key benefits of the platform.

  • Catalog of sites. More than 19K+ sites as of today. The catalog is constantly updated with new resources. You can place links on websites from the US, Europe, and other countries, depending on where you promote the project.
  • Filter. No, you won’t get lost in so many options. You can filter sites by topics, ratings, prices, and more.
  • Safety. Collaborator doesn’t work with websites with a dubious reputation. The catalog contains only trusted resources.
  • High-quality websites. Moderators approve resources with monthly traffic of at least 5 thousand for the catalog. When analyzing sites, specialists consider behavioral factors, design, placing content on pages, and other criteria.
  • User-friendly interface. You do not have to be an experienced webmaster to understand the features and settings of an account. The developers have made a very accessible and understandable interface.
  • One account for advertiser and webmaster. You can promote projects through backlinks and get income from placing links on your promoted sites.

Let’s look at an example. If you sell flower seeds and seedlings in Germany, write an article about caring for orchids and post it on a blog at botanikus.de. You will receive traffic to your site and potential customers as well.

Using Collaborator, you will get high-quality organic traffic and save the time and effort required to search for platforms. Most partners provide additional services, such as writing articles and press releases, so you don’t have to look for a copywriter or spend time creating content yourself.

Visual Content (Infographics, Illustrations, Memes, Diagrams etc.)

No matter how good and interesting the text is, if it is diluted with visual elements, it will attract much more attention. Using color infographics increases concentration and perception of the material by 82%. 62% of readers consider infographics more valuable than text. 65% of brands include infographics in their marketing strategy. In what form do you perceive information better? It is ideal if the informative text is improved with high-quality visual content.

Broken Links 

This method is laborious but effective. You are looking for content with broken links. Write to the webmaster about the problem and offer a solution. In most cases, site administrators agree to a replacement. The main question is where and how to look for these broken links. We recommend Ahrefs Broken Link Checker.

Mentions Without A Link

Sometimes, especially if your business is already more or less popular, the name of your project may be mentioned on other resources without a link to your site. You can benefit from this. How exactly? Write to the webmaster and politely ask to add links where you found the name of your project.

Social Media Usage

Many marketers and SEOs underestimate the potential of social media in link building. Create quality content, then promote it through posts, reels, and stories. Add links to your site where possible. For example, stories on Instagram and Facebook have this feature.

Crowd Marketing

This strategy will allow you to get backlinks to your website and build your brand image. Work should be thoughtful and systematic. The essence of the technique is to post comments on forums, Q&A portals, and other similar platforms. Don’t try to cram a link into every post. Add a link only where it will look organic. Otherwise, you risk being banned by the moderators.

Skyscraper Technique 

Let’s start with a short introduction. The site owner strives to have the best content on his site pages. We will not dwell on the reasons; this is quite understandable. How can you use this to get backlinks?

Search your niche for competitive content that has a lot of links. We recommend using Semrush Backlink Analytics. Offer the resource’s webmaster more valuable content instead of the existing one. The most important thing about the skyscraper technique is to create the best content. You can write a manual, step-by-step instructions, make a rating, a detailed review of any product, and so on. Use pictures, videos, infographics. Insert relevant keywords into the text.

The Power of Quality Content in Link Building

Quality content is the backbone of any successful link-building strategy. When you produce valuable, relevant, and engaging content, it naturally attracts backlinks from other websites. This is because other site owners and bloggers recognize the value of your content and want to share it with their audience. Therefore, before diving deep into various link-building techniques, ensure your content is top-notch. Remember, content that provides solutions, answers questions, or offers unique insights will always be link-worthy.

The Role of Google Algorithms in Link Building

Understanding Google’s algorithms is crucial for effective link building. Over the years, Google has rolled out various updates to ensure users get the best search results. These updates often target spammy link-building practices and reward sites with genuine, high-quality backlinks. By staying updated with Google’s algorithm changes, you can adapt your link-building strategies accordingly and avoid practices that might harm your site’s ranking.

The Importance of Diverse Link Profiles

Relying on a single link-building strategy can be risky. Diversifying your link profile by acquiring backlinks from various sources is essential. This includes guest posts, infographics, broken link building, and more. A diverse link profile boosts your site’s authority and protects it from potential Google penalties. For instance, if a particular type of link is devalued by Google, having a diverse profile ensures your site’s ranking doesn’t plummet drastically.

Building Relationships in the Digital World

Link building isn’t just about acquiring backlinks; it’s also about building relationships. Connecting with other industry experts, bloggers, and site owners opens doors to potential collaboration opportunities. These relationships can lead to guest posting opportunities, joint webinars, and partnerships. Remember, genuine relationships often lead to organic and high-quality backlinks, which are invaluable for SEO.

Staying Updated with Link Building Trends

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and so are link-building strategies. What worked a few years ago might not be effective today. Therefore, staying updated with the latest trends and techniques in link building is crucial. Join SEO forums, attend webinars, and follow industry experts to ensure your link-building strategies are always ahead of the curve.


In today’s digital age, link building remains a pivotal strategy for driving organic traffic and boosting website rankings. The article delves into the significance of backlinks and highlights various white-hat strategies to enhance a site’s link profile. From the classic outreach method to leveraging visual content and the innovative skyscraper technique, these strategies aim to provide value to the website and its audience. Additionally, the importance of quality content, understanding Google’s algorithms, diversifying link profiles, building genuine relationships, and staying updated with the latest trends are emphasized to ensure a holistic link-building approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are linking strategies?
Linking strategies refer to techniques and methods used to acquire backlinks from other websites to improve a site’s authority and ranking in search engines.

What are the critical elements of a successful link building strategy?
The key elements include quality content, diverse link profiles, understanding Google’s algorithms, building genuine relationships, and staying updated with the latest trends.

What is the checklist for link building?
A checklist for link building includes identifying target websites, creating high-quality content, outreach, tracking backlinks, and analyzing the results.

Which of these are link building strategies that help build valuable links?
Strategies like outreach, guest posting, broken link building, and the skyscraper technique effectively build valuable links.

How does quality content influence link building?
Quality content naturally attracts backlinks from other websites as it provides value to readers and is deemed share-worthy by other site owners.

How often should I review my link-building strategies?
It’s advisable to review your link-building strategies periodically, especially after major Google algorithm updates.

Why is diversifying the link profile important?
Diversifying the link profile protects your site from potential Google penalties and ensures a stable ranking even if a particular type of link is devalued.

How can I check the quality of a backlink?
You can use tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush to analyze the linking website’s domain authority, relevance, and trustworthiness.

What is the role of social media in link building?
Social media platforms can be used to promote content, which can lead to organic backlinks if users and other websites share the content.

How do I avoid spammy link-building practices?
Avoid buying links, participating in link farms, and using automated tools for link building. Instead, focus on white-hat techniques and genuine outreach.

What is the skyscraper technique in link building?
The skyscraper technique involves finding popular content in your niche, creating even better content, and then reaching out to websites that link to the original content for backlinks.

How can I build relationships for link building?
Engage with industry experts on social media, attend industry events, and participate in forums and discussions to build genuine relationships.

Is guest posting still effective for link building?
Yes, guest posting remains an effective strategy for link building, provided the content is high-quality and relevant to the host website’s audience.

How can I track the effectiveness of my link-building efforts?
Use analytics tools to monitor referral traffic, check the number of acquired backlinks, and monitor changes in website rankings.

What are the potential risks of aggressive link-building?
Aggressive link building can lead to Google penalties, loss of website ranking, and a tarnished online reputation.

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