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Tips and Tricks for Link Building Without Content



One of the best ways to increase traffic to a website or page is to incorporate link building into the marketing strategy. Link building typically involves significant amounts of content to do effectively,  however there are a number of ways that it can be done without much content at all.

Content is important to any website, and plays a key role in any link building strategy, however there are ways companies with little content can get a head start on their link building without the need to fill their website with dozens of articles.

The first thing to look for are mentions made by other sites.

If another website has mentioned your website and created a link that leads back to it in a positive way,  it may be worth your time to contact the owner of the website in order to discuss future opportunities for engagement. This should only be done if the website is active and has engaged audience. In addition, your link on their page should make sense, otherwise further outreach will do little to benefit either party

It's also important to scour the web for any broken or improper links that may lead back to your page.  If your website was mentioned and a link was made that does not work, contact the owner of the webpage to resolve the issue. When links lead to pages that have been moved,  it may look as if your website is no longer active,  which in turn can have a negative impact on your conversion rates.  The same can also be said for broken links,  which can make it seem as if your page is no longer present on the web at all.  By removing these links from the internet through outreach,  you can ensure that any and all mentions of your website on the web will lead to your page, instead of other improper locations.

Another great way many companies utilize link building without content is through image links.  While you may have paid to have a professional logo designed for your company,  or you may have taken a stunning photograph that perfectly complements your content,  it is inevitable that this  imagery will show up elsewhere on the web, likely without your permission. Rather than getting angry about the use of the image or logo, reach out to the owner of the web page and ask them to link the image back to your site. If they refuse to,  ask that they take the image down.

Many businesses overlook the fact that Google and other search engines promote local businesses in most searches whether or not local terms have been used. Because of this, it's important to include local links to the website, if there is any potential for local clientele.  This will allow your site to show up higher in Google's results, and can result in valuable relationships with local businesses that could flourish with time.

In addition, it's important to use the tools that are on the web,  as there are many that are designed specifically for companies looking to link build without content. One such option is known as Help a Reporter Out (HARO),  where journalists and bloggers can put in a request for a quote in their field, and experts can reply with their information, as well as a relevant quote to be used.  The blogger or journalist will then mention the person being quoted in their final piece, and as a result will likely include links. Another tool that should be taken advantage of are relevant niche directories, which can be used to build what is known as an “online outpost.” These outposts will help you to represent your brand on another site, which in turn will increase visibility and likely result in higher traffic to your link.

Finally, one of the very best ways to successfully link build without much content is to reach out to others for reviews on your product.  When trusted bloggers write reviews about products and post them on their website,  they will also include links to the original website itself – your website.  If all goes well, your product and site will get a positive review,  and as a result more readers will feel encouraged to visit your page.



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