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Live Case Study Week #4: Import Products And Boost Social Proof


Today I’m going to show you how I turned an empty online store into one with lots of great products and photo reviews from real buyers.

Ready? Let’s go!

As mentioned in week #3, I will use the dropshipping app DSers to take care of product sourcing and fulfillment. So the first step I took this week was to create a DSers account.

In order to be able to import and fulfill products from AliExpress, I linked my DSers account and store to AliExpress

To import dropshipping products from AliExpress using the app DSers, the store owner needs to connect their store with AliExpress

Connecting a Shopify store with AliExpress

After I did this, all I had to do was to copy/paste the product URL from AliExpress to DSers:

Left hand sidebar > Import List > Enter link in search bar (1) and hit “ok” (2).

Et voilá – the product is in DSers. In just a few seconds.

Now, since I only had one product (crossbody phone lanyard) in lots of different colors, I split it into multiple products. Each color would become one product. By doing that, my store wouldn’t feel so empty.

To do that, I clicked on the double arrow icon (“split into multiple products”).

Split by color…

The Shopify dropshipping app DSers will let you split one product into multiple products based on the number of available variants

…and boom: all of a sudden I have 18 products instead of just one.

Bye bye, one product store.

Next, I edited the product names to “[COLOR] Omano”, deleted most of the default product descriptions and only picked the images that are showing the actual product. Some images were showing different products that the supplier was also selling.

I also removed eight products from my import list because these variants contained two, instead of just one product. It was a bundle offer from my supplier. I didn’t want to have this in my store.

Now to the fun part: push the products to my store.

I clicked on the “Push to Shopify” button in DSers and all the products were automatically imported to my store.

All dropshipping products have been succesfully sent to the Shopify store


All products were sent to my store and I could move on by importing product reviews from real buyers.

To do this, I installed Loox from the Shopify App Store. It takes just 2 clicks.

Meet Loox – Product Reviews and Referrals for eCommerce

The Shopify app store listing of the photo review and referrals app Loox

With that done, I could easily import the photo reviews without any effort.

All I had to do was going back to the DSers dashboard and click on the blue button that says “Import Reviews”.

By clicking on the button, a pop-up appeared. From there I picked all the products I wanted to have the reviews being imported to my store.

I just had to click on the blue buttons next to my products.

Now I could choose from a few settings in Loox that helped me pre-select the reviews that will appear on my store.

Before importing photo reviews from AliExpress by using Loox, Loox offers a lot of settings that make sure the quality is high

By clicking on the green “Preview & Import” button, I could then preview and approve every single photo review before pushing it to my store.

Loox allow Shopify merchants to review each photo review or video review before it appears on the store

After around five minutes, I had a bunch of great looking photo reviews in my store.

I felt super efficient!

Successfully imported photo reviews from AliExpress to Shopify using the Shopify app Loox

Later I will continue to use Loox to automatically collect photo and video reviews from customers on my store. Plus – and this is something I’m really looking forward to – I will use Loox to set up a referral program to increase sales.

For now, this how the photo reviews look on my Shopify store:

Loox displays all photo reviews on a Shopify store inclduding star ratings and testimonials

With just a few clicks, my store got way more trustworthy. Now, new visitors don’t have to be afraid that they’re taking a risk by buying this product. They’re not the first ones. Others have done it before – and are happy about the product.

Social proof at its best! 

And we’re only getting started. Later in the store building process we will get the maximum out of Loox’s social proof capabilities.

Last thing I did this week was to purchase the domain.

Buying a custom domain for a Shopify store

That’s it for week number four.

We covered a lot of ground but there’s still a lot to do before opening the store to our customers.

I hope you enjoyed this week and will continue to follow me along on this journey.

Special thanks to our friends at Loox for their insights on this topic.
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