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Live Shopping App Development: Streaming As An Ecommerce Sales Tool

A woman showcasing her clothes on a hanger for marketing purposes in an ecommerce shop.

Online shopping around the world has reached a new level. Sellers are actively testing new formats, one of which is live commerce. It makes it possible to increase sales, promote a brand, tell people more about a product and attract more customers.

That is why live shopping app development is becoming more and more relevant. 

How does it work?

Live commerce is a live online sales format in which the live Stream presenter (a public person, a blogger, or an Influencer) shows the product from all angles and talks about its benefits and unique properties in an easy-to-understand form. As a potential customer, the viewer of the Stream can add a product to the cart with a few clicks and purchase it without disconnecting from the live broadcast.

The live commerce format serves three main functions:

  • Entertaining
  • Engaging
  • Selling.

Audiences who saw live merchandise have shown a higher propensity to purchase. This is explained in part by the fact that most viewers are looking for instant gratification of their desires and making purchases to enhance their mood.

Some of the key benefits of selling live broadcasts include the participation of famous opinion leaders who attract a loyal audience, similarity to offline shopping (chatting with the blogger hosting the Stream = chatting with a friend/girlfriend while shopping), and speed of purchase. Before buying, users do not need to study reviews on different platforms in search of the details they are interested in – everything can be found online, and the purchase can be completed quickly.

Live shopping app development makes it possible to create a convenient platform adapted to both the viewer and the seller. Advantages:

  • The ability to show a product in use from different angles in the “here and now” mode, demonstrating its pros;
  • the ability to go to the cards of all the products the presenter is talking about and, in one click, put the product in the shopping cart;
  • ask a question to the presenter and get an answer right away;
  • get a bonus subject to purchase during the broadcast (promo code, discount, special offer);
  • see how many people have already bought the product;
  • buy a product in two clicks.

The atmosphere of the Stream allows for face-to-face communication of the brand with the potential client because the presenter of the video is speaking for the company, which offers the audience a particular product. This creates a feeling of a direct dialog between the viewer and the streamer, and the platform's user-friendly interface allows the customer always to have the product card in front of his eyes, quickly find the “buy” button, and maintain feedback.

The app creates a convenient technological solution that simplifies the communication between the brand and the end consumer, allows the tracking of results, and helps evaluate the effectiveness of the live format implementation for the e-commerce brand.

The creative concept of the Stream, the storyline, and the format are chosen based on the specifics of the product/brand, the tasks set, and the choice of characters – all these tasks are solved by a separate in-house or agency team. It is essential to create a show effect, to give the audience an “immersive experience,” to interest potential buyers, and involve them in communication. Thus, development reduces the distance between the brand and the audience, due to which the maximum result is achieved.

How much does it cost to create such a project? 

Live shopping is essentially a form of online streaming. Implementing such a project is quite complicated. In such a project, it is necessary to implement the functionality required for streaming broadcasts, posting and storing content, placing orders, and so on. 

What does the price of a live shopping app development depend on?

The cost of live shopping app development depends on many factors. We can highlight the main ones.

Creation method 

Depending on the wishes of the client and the capabilities of his budget, you can choose from several options. The first is a live shopping app development as an MVP project, using the website builder, semi-ready templates, standard design, and implemented minimal functionality. 

This solution will suit beginner businesses with a limited budget who need to test their business idea with minimal risk. Live shopping app development from scratch increases the cost. Here, an individual design is created, and extended functionality is implemented, fully satisfying all the goals. 

This solution has a lot of advantages in the form of high competitiveness, multifunctionality, and maximum audience involvement. Live shopping app development requires another modern technological stack (PHP, JavaScript, and their frameworks) and the participation of highly ranked professionals, which, in turn, inevitably affects the final cost;

The number of templates

The more pages – the more the live shopping app development will cost. Do not forget about the templates, which are worked on separately by the designer and marketer.

Software modules

The more functionality there is and the more complex it is, the more time is required for its implementation. The process will require implementing a vast and complex functionality.

The number of devices for which you need to adapt the application

Adaptation for different devices is in manual mode, so the more devices you need to adjust the service – the more work, which increases the cost. 

Design features

Templates and simple design options can reduce the price, but developing a custom design shifts the cost upwards.

Stages of work and developers' hourly pay

Different highly specialized specialists get involved at various stages of live shopping app development: analysts, designers, developers, layout designers, testers, project managers, etc., each of which performs their function in creating the product. Creating a quality project involves stage-by-stage development, so you can't skip any stage. 

Individual wishes of the client

Clients may have different wishes, and their peculiarities also affect the price.

Additional factors

You are purchasing hosting, domain, SSL certificate (to transactions), and the platform, i.e., service management system, content filling, promotion, etc. As your traffic grows, you may need additional professional technical support. 

To minimize extra costs and reduce the time spent on live shopping app development, a detailed requirements specification is created, specifying all the requirements for the product, and defining the scope of work and deadlines.

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