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With the growing use of devices such as smartphones and tablets, many search engines are seeing an exponential growth in local searches made by personal devices. These local searches play a large role in how consumers choose to spend their money, and therefore play a very large part in the success of any local business looking to use an online platform.


Luckily, there are a number of basic tips and tricks that any business can use in order to optimize their website for local searches.


It's important for any business to utilize proper SEO in their content and page elements, but this is even more important for businesses looking to optimize their page for local searches.


Every page of a website looking to increase local search results should include the following SEO factors, as well as mention of the businesses location on each page:


  • A page title
  • Meta descriptions
  • Contact information
  • Some form of contents
  • Structured data


Each of these factors will help the website go up higher in Google's search rankings, which in turn should result in more page traffic, and a higher number of store visitors over time.


In addition, it's important that any business set up their Google My Business listing. Many customers may find a location by searching in Google Maps, and if a company has the proper information set up in their Google Maps listing, customers will be far more likely to visit the location than another location without the proper information.


In addition to a Google My Business listing, all businesses looking to improve their local SEO should sign up to be reviewed on a number of sites. This can be done as part of Google My Business, but other platforms such as Yelp are also popular destinations for reviews.


An ever-increasing number of consumers are making their decisions based on online reviews, so it is of the utmost importance that businesses looking to improve their local SEO include themselves as a part of any and all online business review sites that can be trusted.


It's important to have a link building strategy as a business looking to optimize themselves for local searches. There should be a number of links leading to the business from other web pages in order to give it credibility.


When there are number of links leading back to a page, it becomes easier for customers on the web to find the business through searches. As a result, it's absolutely necessary that a business have as many inbound links as possible on the web in order to attract a larger audience.


By implementing the tips and tricks above, any company can master local SEO optimization and begin reaching newer and larger audiences. Any company with local interest should look into implementing local SEO strategies into their marketing plan, as this is a growing trend in eCommerce that can lead to great success when done right.

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The Local SEO Playbook To Increased Visibility And Customer Acquisition

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