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Localization 101: Translate Your Widgets, Review Request Emails And Admin Dashboard,-review-request-emails-and-admin-dashboard

An online store lets you reach potential customers from all around the world. This opportunity also comes with a challenge: localization. Localization is the process of adapting your online store to communicate better with customers from a specific market or locale. Translating your store is usually the first step in your localization process.

At, we provide handy tools for you to translate your widgets and review request emails with minimum effort. You can make your widgets and emails more understandable to your customers. This helps you build trust and increase the chance of collecting more reviews. In this article, we’ll show you:

  1. How to translate your widgets and emails with our default language texts, text customization, and translation app integration
  2. How to translate your admin dashboard
  3. Examples of multi-language widgets and emails from users

Translate your widgets

  • Use our default translations

Do you know that widgets are available in 34 languages besides English? Choose your desired language in Language Info, then all your widget text (title, review form fields, button text, etc.) will be translated automatically.

  • Customize your widget text

Want to add some personal flavor to your translations? If you are on the Awesome plan, you can customize all the widget text. Our app will prioritize your customized translations over the default translations.

  • Use a translation app like Weglot

Looking for more robust translation features? Try a third-party translation app like Weglot. We integrate with Weglot so you can translate your widget text (and your whole online store) in a few clicks. Weglot also offers a language tab for your customers to choose their desired languages easily.

*Note: We do not have an official integration with Langify. You can use this app to translate your store’s pages and it should work in most cases. However, you may occasionally encounter some issues that we may not be able to help you with. Here are some tips to help you get and Langify working correctly.

Below is an example of a language tab by Weglot.

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Translate your review request emails

  • Use our default translations

With our default automatic translations, you can translate not only your widgets but also your default email templates. By doing this, you can give your customers a consistent localized experience across different channels. Of course, you can customize the default email translations as you want.

  • Customize your email templates with our drag-and-drop editor

A more flexible way to localize your review request emails is by using our drag-and-drop email editor. You can customize not only your text but also several elements of your emails. For example, you can change the email layout and color, have a mix of the in-email review, multi-product, and shop-review blocks, and so on. Localization is not only about translation, but also about UI/UX adaptations. For example, some non-Latin characters such as Chinese or Japanese need more space than usual, or the yellow color is perceived differently in some Western countries (jealously, betrayal) from in some Asian countries (money, quality, success). Check this article for more tips on designing UX-friendly email templates.

  • Send your review request emails in multiple languages

If you have shops in many languages, this feature is ideal for you. You can send your review request emails in multiple languages based on your customers’ choice of shop languages. For example, if one customer purchases a dress from your French store, she will receive a French email. You can set up this feature in three steps:

  1. Set up multi-language stores on Shopify (if you haven’t)
  2. Create email templates in different languages
  3. Assign “email language” to each template and activate all templates admin dashboard is available in 3 languages: English, French and Spanish. Just go to Advanced Settings and choose the your preferred language, then all the settings will be translated for you!

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1/ Christèle Jacquemin

Christèle Jacquemin is a brand of perfume based in France, so they use French as the default language for their review widget. To communicate better with customers from different countries, they create review request emails in three languages: English, Spanish, and French.

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2/ Ploumanac’h

Ploumanac’h is a fashion and fragrance company based in Italy. They create review request emails in two languages – Italian and English – so that their emails can be understandable to both Italian local customers and international customers.

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3/ Poptoys

Poptoys is an online toy store based in Italy, so they use Italian as the default language for their review widget. Meanwhile, they also ship the toys all around the world, so their review request emails are available in six languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French.

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4/ Blime

Blime is a brand of paintings and painting tools. They mostly deliver to customers in mainland France and Corsica, so they set the default language of their review request emails and review widget to French. 

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5/ Lavabird

Lavabird is a brand of balanced stool for offices. They mostly deliver to customers in the Netherlands, so they set the default language of their review request emails and review widget to Dutch.

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Now you’ve got the “localization toolbox” to make your widgets and emails more friendly to local customers. Go ahead and try them out today!

Special thanks to our friends at for their insights on this topic.
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