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Doubling Efficiency: Logistics Company Cuts Costs With Innovative Mobile Solution

In today’s dynamic and disruptive business environment, successful companies are those that collaborate with forward-thinking solution providers.

An example of a major logistics company that graced the spotlight was the Colombian logistics company Enco Expres that had to find ways of improving its operations to improve tracking and packaging. Realizing the shifting market landscape and increased competition, the company required a dedicated mobile application that would enhance the tracking of shipments and upgrade the customers’ experience. Having identified this need, Enco Expres sought the help of the nearshore software development company Giga IT in developing an all-encompassing solution.

Giga IT engaged in a global, multidisciplinary endeavor to transform Enco Expres’s logistics processes. Their team of experienced engineers and developers carefully listened to Enco Expres’s specific needs and challenges. As a result, they developed a strong mobile application that synchronized perfectly with the already established Enco Expres’ systems. Specifically, the application leveraged the cloud-based system to achieve scalability, reliability, and the ability to run on different devices.

The use of the mobile application helped minimize unnecessary expenses, and the number of them was cut in half. These savings allowed the company to reinvest back into its services offered to Enco Expres customers and improve customer satisfaction. The features of tracking delivery in real-time made customers able to remain informed about the delivery of the package, and thus, transparency of service and timely updates provided customer satisfaction and loyalty. Further, the centralized mobile application platform of Enco Expres helped them to analyse, track and, manage their shipment efficiently which in turn minimised the errors, delivered in shorter period of time, and enhanced the overall efficiency of operation. “This partnership has significantly improved our customer satisfaction and overall logistics operations. Giga IT truly understands the needs of the logistics industry,” said the Project Manager at Enco Expres.

Collaborative partnerships have emerged as a cornerstone for optimizing processes, tackling challenges, and fostering project growth across various fields, not only in e-commerce but also in the crucial realm of environmental conservation. For instance, EarthRanger, an organization that focuses on wildlife conservation, had a number of issues in terms of increasing the speed of response to data visualization. Thanks to the proper consultation with Giga IT regarding data visualization and the implemented machine learning features, EarthRanger was able to enhance their software and ultimately improve their approach to conservation and threat response.

The stories of success show that cooperation and idea implementation have no limits. The Enco Expres case serves to illustrate the significance of partnership and creativity as keys to unlocking potential in the modern business environment. Through consulting with Giga IT outsourcing solutions, such complexities can be surmounted and full potential achieved by businesses.

They adopted strategic problem-solving techniques based on the understanding of each of their client’s needs. They have a strong team of engineers and developers who actively engage the client in the development processes, encouraging the use of technology that can foster innovation. This approach makes it possible to ensure that the solutions offered are not only efficient but also unique in settling the issues faced by the client. The net outcome is a set of technologies that are efficient, effective and have the potential to increase competitiveness.

In conclusion, the storytelling of both Enco Expres and EarthRanger are good examples that show how far one can go when people join forces and embrace technology. Due to the approach of Giga IT that focuses on their clients and their specific business requirements and tries to deliver solutions that may revolutionize the clients’ businesses, the company has benefited from these changes. Therefore, similar companies that are experiencing issues like Enco Expres should consider joining Giga IT. Let’s discuss how Giga IT can help you. The members of the Giga IT team are highly qualified and experienced, so we are eager to help in developing relevant strategies for success.

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