Loox Is Now An Official Google Reviews Partner


We’re proud to announce that Loox is now an official Google Reviews Partner!

Since 2015, Loox enables Shopify stores to boost their credibility and sales with a set of social proof tools. More than 100,000 Shopify stores are powered by Loox.

Today marks the day that Loox users can take it even one step further!

With our official Google Review partnership, Loox users are now enabled to automatically display Loox-generated reviews on Google Shopping ads, rich snippets and Google Shopping product listings.

Combining Google Shopping ads with strong visual reviews have been proven to:

  • Increase click-through rates.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Build brand awareness. 

Your Google Shopping efforts, whether free or paid, will be more effective with our new partnership.

50% of Purchases Start on Google Shopping

It’s crucial for any type of e-commerce business to be recognized first when a customer is looking for a place to buy a product. Google, being the go-to search engine for billions of people, is the perfect place to offer your products.

On average, retailers reduced their Google paid search ad spend by almost 8%. However, they increased their Google Shopping budget by 7%. This shift happens across all industries.

Shopify’s native Google integration makes it easy for you to sell your products on Google Shopping. Product listings and all relevant information will be automatically synced. You can edit and update your Google product listings from your Shopify admin.

By connecting your Google Ads account to Shopify, you’re also able to run Google Shopping ads from Shopify.

Shopify helps you get your products on Google Shopping. And Loox adds social proof in the form of product reviews that will help you to build a more trustworthy and clickable product listing.

Conversion Optimized Review Placements on Google Shopping

With Loox’s latest partnership with Google, your reviews will appear in certain places and forms on Google Shopping. The best part, new reviews will be synced frequently by Google.

Google Shopping ads above the search results:

If you run Google Shopping ads, Google will display your Loox-generated reviews as star-ratings and number of total reviews.

Google Shopping rich snippets:

On the Google Shopping tab, your product listings will appear as rich snippets, containing your Loox-generated reviews as star-ratings and the number of total reviews.

Google Shopping product listing:

On your Google Shopping product listing, Google will display your Loox-generated reviews in full brilliance. Star-ratings, total number of reviews, average rating and all individual reviews – including the photos and videos your customers made.

How to Activate The Google Shopping Integration

To automatically sync your reviews with Google Shopping, you can follow these steps. It only takes a few minutes.

If you have questions about this partnership or need help setting up your reviews on Google Shopping, please send us an email to: [email protected] (we’re available 24/7 for you).

Not a Loox user yet but want to automatically sync your reviews to Google Shopping? Get our 14-day free trial and we take care of it. Don’t worry – existing reviews can be imported as well. Click on the black button below:

Get Your 14-Day Free Trial Today

Special thanks to our friends at Loox for their insights on this topic.
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