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Lyro By Tidio. The First Conversational AI Chatbot For SMBs

A group of people conversing on a blue background to boost ecommerce sales.

Let’s start with the basics…

Tidio is an AI-powered customer service platform best known for its live chat, chatbots, helpdesk products, and now, conversational AI. The company’s mission is to develop innovative solutions in AI customer service automation and help small and medium businesses deliver frictionless customer experiences. In 2022, Tidio secured a series B funding of $25 million. It’s used by 300K businesses, including the likes of Mercedes, Shell, ADT, and Praktiker.

OK—we can now move on to the newest solution developed by Tidio, which is described as a milestone in customer service automation.

Lyro: a game-changing solution

On the 12th of July 2023, Tidio announced the launch of Lyro, the first conversational AI chatbot built for small and medium businesses. Representing the new step in customer service automation, Lyro stands out among other solutions on the market. It’s accurate, conversational, and focuses on hyper-personalized customer support like a human agent would, but without hiring costs.

Tidio emphasizes:

“Lyro is an AI chatbot powered by Claude, a next-generation AI assistant developed by Anthropic. This is a Google-backed company that focuses on training helpful, honest, and harmless AI systems. Also, it’s one of the most secure AI algorithms available that uses deep learning techniques to understand and predict new content. Thanks to combining Claude with our own models we have been working on for the past years, Lyro doesn’t allow for “AI hallucinations” that often plague other chatbots on the market. Moreover, it always stays within your knowledge base.”


Thanks to this technically advanced tech stack, Tidio's tool is able to deliver personalized support to customers, like a human service agent would. On top of that, the bot leads the conversations in a natural way and doesn’t require any training from your support team.


Lyro: basic information 

  • Languages supported: English (with a limited capacity for other languages)
  • Technologies used: artificial intelligence, natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML)
  • Most suited for: customer support automation in ecommerce and services companies
  • Available for: all industries with exceptions of medical, finance-related, politics, news, and adult content
  • Data source: It is built to work within the limits of your knowledge base, which reduces the risk of hallucination or incorrect answers
  • Data protection: Lyro uses the best industry standards for data handling and retention. You have full control of your entered data, so there is no risk of leak or reveal of your data to other users 
  • Implementation process: the implementation process is smooth and intuitive, plus Lyro doesn’t require training. Activate it with one click to answer customer questions with conversations 24/7

What is really unusual and significant about Lyro is that although it is available in Tidio’s premium plan (Tidio+), everyone can test it for free! You can have Lyro answer up to 50 unique conversations on your website with no extra charge on all plans.

Why is that unusual? Well, because it makes Lyro the first conversational AI on the market that is free to test. Another reason to get to know Lyro on your own.

Regular chatbots vs. Lyro

First of all, Lyro is not a regular chatbot, it’s definitely something more than that. 

Regular chatbots rely on pre-designed conversational paths while talking with users. Lyro uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to understand questions and have human-like conversations with customers. It can also ask additional questions to provide more details and make sure customers are satisfied.

Unlike the regular solutions, the newest Tidio tool doesn’t require any training from your support agents. All you need to do is to activate this bot on your website, and it will start answering your customers’ questions right away, being a 24/7 support for your clients.


Lyro: main benefits

Let’s start with the fact that Lyro helps support teams save time and automate replies without the need to code a single line. There is also no need to worry about training the system. It trains itself on your company data, including question-answer pairs from the knowledge base and previous conversations. 

But how do you know that all of this is really true, right? Well, Tidio’s customer service team put it all to the test in order to prove to everyone that Lyro is actually performing very well. So, let’s break down the results of this test.

It automates responses to customer queries

The early version of Lyro achieved a success rate between 50 and 70%. This depended on whether the operator joined the conversation without request. That’s because only about 30% of users requested a transfer to a human operator when chatting with Lyro.

“Even with a fairly early version of our content, we can already see AMAZING results where Lyro takes over 50-70% of our traffic.” – Olek Potrykus, Head of Customer Experience at Tidio


It slashes first response time

Fast replies can improve your customer satisfaction and help you secure a sale if a visitor comes to you with a sale-related question. And that’s exactly what Tidio did when Tidio’s customer service team took it to the test. The first response time dropped by 75% from 1 minute to less than 15 seconds. The moral of the story is—being quick pays off. And, with Lyro, your customer service will be quicker than ever. 


Boosts satisfaction

Within a short amount of time, Lyro has already achieved great results. These include higher customer satisfaction and better user experience. 

The experience with the rule-based chatbots resembles a dial helpline where you pick 1 for topic A, 2 for topic B, etc. On the other hand, the conversation AI leads the chat in a natural language learns from each communication with users, and remembers the context of the whole chat. That’s the magic of AI customer service.

“The previous generation of chatbots required a method of communication that is unnatural to humans. Our new solution allows us to use the power of LLM.” – Olek Potrykus, Head of Customer Experience at Tidio.

Now that you know how all of it works and what are the main benefits of it, let’s break down the main differences between regular chatbots and Lyro.

It enhances the team’s efficiency

Lyro is able to detect and answer questions about order status, shipping policies, product availability, and more. Consequently, you can free your team and resources from repetitive tasks by leaving them to the bot. In the meantime, you and your team can focus on your business growth. 

Also, leaving part of the support tasks to AI will help you save money you’d spend on expanding your existing team. Simply put, Lyro allows for better customer support without hiring costs.

Scalable solution

Lyro learns new answers as your business grows and your needs change. The bot can also absorb information and acquire data as you expand your knowledge base. And as Lyro is built within the limits of your database, it doesn’t hallucinate or create answers that sound off or are based on unverified sources. 



Tidio aims for the democratization of AI for customer service and wants to make it widely accessible. In fact, this is the first and only conversational AI with a free version on the market!

By using the leading technologies— AI, NLP, and machine learning, Lyro can give your clients a frictionless user experience that they have never had before. 

Tidio believes that the launch of its newest tool marks a new chapter in the field of customer service. The future is happening right now. And it’s better to be a part of it rather than stay apart. 

So, stop hesitating and give it a shot with a free version here: https://www.tidio.com/lyro/

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tidio?
Tidio is an AI-powered customer service platform that offers live chat, chatbots, and helpdesk products. Recently, they introduced Lyro, a conversational AI chatbot designed for small and medium businesses.

What is Lyro?
Lyro is a conversational AI chatbot launched by Tidio, designed to provide accurate, hyper-personalized customer support, similar to a human agent, but without the associated hiring costs.

How is Lyro different from regular chatbots?
Unlike regular chatbots that rely on pre-set conversational paths, Lyro uses AI and natural language processing to understand questions and engage in human-like conversations. It doesn't require any training from support agents.

What technology is used in Lyro?
Lyro is powered by a combination of AI, natural language processing, and machine learning technologies.

What languages does Lyro support?
Currently, Lyro supports English with a limited capacity for other languages.

What industries can benefit from Lyro?
Lyro is best suited for customer support automation in ecommerce and service companies. It is not recommended for medical, finance-related, political, news, and adult content industries.

How does Lyro handle data?
Lyro follows the best industry standards for data handling and retention. Customers have full control over their data, minimizing the risk of data leaks.

What is the implementation process for Lyro?
The implementation process for Lyro is smooth and intuitive. It doesn't require training and can be activated with a single click, offering 24/7 customer support.

Is there a free version of Lyro?
Yes, Tidio offers a free version of Lyro that can answer up to 50 unique conversations on your website.

How does Lyro improve customer service?
Lyro reduces the first response time, automates responses to customer queries, and enhances the efficiency of customer service teams. It also provides a more natural conversation experience compared to traditional chatbots.

What industries should avoid using Lyro?
Lyro is not recommended for industries involving medical, finance, politics, news, and adult content due to the sensitive nature of these fields.

Does Lyro require any training from our support team?
No, Lyro doesn’t require any training from your support team. You only need to activate the bot on your website.

How can Lyro impact my business costs?
Lyro can help reduce hiring costs as it can handle customer support tasks that would typically require human agents. It can automate responses and learn from your company's data to provide better customer service.

Can Lyro help my business scale?
Yes, Lyro can learn new answers as your business grows and your needs change. It can absorb information from your expanding knowledge base, making it a scalable solution.

Can I try Lyro before purchasing?
Yes, Tidio offers a free version of Lyro that can handle up to 50 unique conversations on your website.

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