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Tips and Tricks for Making Your First Sale

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The most important part of running a successful eCommerce store is making sales, however many newcomers are surprised at how long it takes them to make their very first sale.


Successful eCommerce businesses don’t become that way overnight, and even the most prominent online stores began with little to no sales during their first few months of operation.


Generally, sales are not being made because the right SEO and marketing strategy has not be implemented from the very beginning. There are a few components that all successful eCommerce businesses have in common:



  • Email Marketing Platform: Email marketing is a new brand’s best friend, and choosing the right marketing platform is important. Select a tool that makes the process seamless and simple, that can be used to create aesthetically pleasing, relevant emails without hassle.




  • Email Lists: Email marketing can’t happen until a list of email leads has been established, which is typically the biggest hurdle to get over after first opening a store online. Ask friends and family to sign up for the list, then branch out, asking others online. Use social media to direct followers to the subscriber list as well, as this is an effective method of lengthening the list.




  • Email Updates: After establishing the email list, it’s time to begin email marketing. Start by sending emails a week or two before the store launches, then follow up with a “grand opening” email on the big day. Proceed to send newletters and updates weekly in order to connect with your customers.




  • Email Automation: Invest in a program that can organize and send emails automatically. Emails should be automatically sent to new subscribers, and can be used to send cart abandonment notices, coupons, and nearly anything else the store owner sees fit. Sending “suggested items” is another key component of effective email automation, as this works to sell the customer additional products they will need to accompany their previous purchase.


Making sales takes a lot of effort as an eCommerce entrepreneur, however these are the basics that all marketers should include as part of their strategy in order to begin making sales. By establishing an efficient and effective email marketing strategy early, it can be used to encourage further growth as the company expands, making it critical that proper email marketing be implemented from before a store sees its launch.

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