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Manage Your Twitter Interactions More Efficiently By Using These 7 Rules


Use these Rules in Gorgias to extend excellent customer service into every tweet and mention, while keeping your support team efficient.

Twitter is one of the most conversational social media platforms, making it a key channel for modern ecommerce brands. It gives you a way to meet your shoppers where they are and extend your store’s customer experience across the web (ideally encouraging them to come back for future purchases). 

And according to Twitter, nearly 40% of users say they’ve made a purchase as a direct result of a Tweet from an influencer. 

Scheduling social media posts is likely owned by your brand’s marketing team or a social media manager. (The proactive side!) 

The other half of your social media strategy is the reactive side: In this case, replying to tweets from your shoppers. Sometimes your social media manager will help with this as well, but eventually your brand is likely to start getting support questions directly on Twitter. 

“Where’s my order?”

“I received the wrong items.” 

“How do I return this?” 

In order to help you offer fast resolutions and turn these social interactions into selling opportunities (without slowing down your support team!) Gorgias integrates with Twitter (along with Facebook and Instagram) so your agents can reply to tweets directly from the helpdesk. 

*Note: Our Twitter integration is currently only available for Enterprise plans. You can view pricing here

With this integration, your team will be able to see conversations happening with your brand on Twitter right inside of Gorgias. You can use this to build context around how your shoppers are feeling and engage with them directly from the helpdesk, instead of having to open Twitter in a different tab or coordinate replies with the social media manager. 

Twitter can be a noisy channel, however, which is why we recommend setting up a few Rules in Gorgias to help filter tickets and keep your agents focused on the right conversations. 

To help your team manage Twitter support more efficiently, I’ve collected a list of Rules that Gorgias customers are using to engage with their shoppers, resolve questions faster, and keep their agents focused on the most important conversations. 

Here are 7 Rule ideas for more efficient Twitter support: 

  1. Auto-tag all Twitter interactions 
  2. Auto-tag likely buyers & create a specialized view
  3. Auto-tag tweets with negative intent in order to escalate
  4. Auto-tag Twitter tickets with questions
  5. Auto-close Twitter tickets the don’t mention support or order status
  6. Auto-assign Twitter tickets to a specific agent or team
  7. Auto-reply to move questions to a different channel

1. Auto-tag all Twitter interactions 

If you’re using a view in Gorgias that includes tickets on multiple channels, it can be helpful to add a channel tag so your agents know at a glance what type of message they’re replying to. 

For example, Twitter has a 280 character limit. Replies will need to be short and concise (or written in multiple tweets), and it’s helpful for your agents to know that right from the start, instead of finding out when their well-written responses won’t send for being too long. 

There are other ways your agents will know a ticket is from Twitter when they’re looking at the ticket itself, but when they’re working fast and responding to a lot of inquiries, it doesn’t hurt to add one more signal. Luckily, you can easily automate this with a Rule, so it doesn’t add any extra time onto your plate or your agents. 

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 2. Auto-tag likely buyers & create a specialized view

Escalate the conversations that are most likely to turn into sales, so your agents can reply as quickly as possible and get that conversion. 

If you’re able to identify a few keywords that your shoppers are likely to tweet when making purchase decisions, you can automatically tag tickets that include those words. Then you can also create a View based on that tag (or assign directly to an agent or team) to make sure these tickets get answered while your shopper is in the buying mindset. 

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3. Auto-tag tweets with negative intent in order to escalate

In a similar mindset, you may want to consider escalating tweets with negative intent or phrases, in order to make sure your customer service team handles these tickets first. 

Again, this can be done by automatically adding tags, that way your support agents don’t have to triage manually. You can rest assured that all your shoppers’ questions are getting answered, and those with urgent requests are getting resolutions as fast as possible. 

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4. Auto-tag Twitter tickets with questions

Hopefully by now, you have a few ideas of how auto-tagging can help organize your help desk and prioritize which tickets to work on first. One more suggestion is to tag tweets with questions, which are most likely the tickets your support agents need to look at (as opposed to the social media manager responding).

This can be done with a Rule based on the message body of the ticket, looking for words like “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” “why,” and “how.” 

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5. Auto-close Twitter tickets the don’t mention support or order status

If your brand receives a lot of Twitter engagements that don’t need to be routed to your support agents, you can automatically close certain tickets so they don’t fill up the queue. 

The message history will still come through, however, so if your agents are responding to a later ticket, they’ll still have all the context they need to see how someone is interacting with your brand on Twitter. 

You can auto-close tickets based on whatever criteria fit your brand best. This screenshot shows an example based on the message body, closing all tickets that don’t specifically mention customer service, support, or order status. 

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6. Auto-assign Twitter tickets to a specific agent or team

If your store has multiple support agents, you may decide to assign Twitter or all social channels to a specific person or team. While social media platforms aren’t technically “live,” channels, they often feel like they are to your shoppers. 

Twitter especially is often seen as a “direct path” to a brand, and the assumption is that support will be quicker there than through email. To capitalize on this immediacy, you’ll want to make sure your agents are set up to reply quickly to questions on Twitter, and auto-assigning responsibility can help make sure that happens. 

7. Auto-reply to move questions to a different channel

One of the best things about the Gorgias Twitter integration is that your agents can respond to tweets directly from the helpdesk, ideally speeding up first response times and resolution times for questions via the social platform. 

Sometimes, however, there may be support requests that aren’t well suited to be resolved via Twitter, such as return requests or updating personal information like shipping address. In these scenarios, the best solution may be to respond on Twitter and direct the shopper to a different channel, such as email. 

To make this really efficient, you could set up an auto-response based on the message body, so your team doesn’t even need to send this templated response. Your agents can spend less time on these initial responses, and more time on the actual resolution once the customer is communicating on the right channel for the request. 

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Hopefully these Rules give you an idea of how you can efficiently start to manage Twitter conversations in Gorgias, without putting too much burden of a new channel on your support agents. 

To learn more about our Twitter integration or to add it to your helpdesk, click here.

Special thanks to our friends at Gorgias for their insights on this topic.
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