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Marketing Tips For Your Home Service Business

The advent of the internet has transformed the marketing strategies of businesses, including those that provide in-person services like home service companies.

In the past, plumbers and electricians would rely on advertising in local newspapers, which can still yield positive results.

However, local marketing remains a vital component for home service providers.

Now, digital marketing is incredibly effective, and with some smart local SEO, your business can boom. Here are some quick tips for marketing your business. 


When people need a plumber, electrician, or handyman, they’ll head to a search engine and type something like ‘handyman near me.’ And that will bring up a list of businesses that are nearby. 

Optimizing your website and social media with your location and claiming your business on Google Business can work wonders. Create content focusing on location-specific keywords, your services, and bookings. 


Your audience as a home service is pretty broad. It can be people who are renovating their homes, those with emergencies, or those gathering quotes. It might not be a single demographic, making choosing a tone difficult. 

But once you have a good idea of most of your audiences, you will know what you should say. You will use this on your website copy, business cards, printed ads, and even social media. 


Offering emergency services and advice can make a big difference in how often people contact you. Missed calls are missed business because, in an emergency, they will need to go elsewhere. Home service answering services can help you to manage your potential clients. 


Every time you perform a service for someone, be sure that you ask them to leave you a review on your social platforms or directly via email or your website. Each of these testimonials will serve to increase your popularity in the area. When it comes to home services, people must be sure the person they hire is trustworthy and safe – after all, they will be opening the doors to their home. 

Studies show that when reviews are visible, other people are more likely to buy the product or use the services. 

Social Media 

Social media means that you can share your work, tips for people to do some DIY and more. You can get as creative as you like on platforms like TikTok and show off your personality – it can give people a sense of who you are, and authenticity sells. 

Before and after photos are particularly powerful for showing off your talent and generating new interest. 

Paid Ads

Using paid advertising, you can target people in the local area and help your business come up on the front page of Google. Do some keyword research (or hire a company to do it) so that you know what people are searching for when hiring companies like yours. Put yourself into the most competitive position and secure more business. 

And finally, start to look into new technology like AI – and how it can help you: 8 Impressive Examples Of AI In Marketing

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