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New Marketing Trends that have Redefined Retail



With the rise of the internet, retail trends have been ever changing over the past two decades. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, having a top-notch online shopping experience is becoming an absolute necessity for any eCommerce store looking to succeed in today's market.


For example, studies show that an increasing number of consumers are relying on mobile websites in order to shop. What this means is that these consumers are looking for ever-improving mobile shopping experiences, and a poor mobile site could greatly impact the sales of a previously successful online business.


In addition to seamless mobile shopping, consumers wish to have the same enjoyable experience on any platform they use in order to make a purchase. A decade ago, it was acceptable to have a less than optimized online store, now consumers expect their mobile demands to be met, no matter which platform they are using.


This means many companies are now facing a gap between performance expectations and reality, making it difficult for many retailers to keep up with demand. If consumers cannot easily use a business's website to complete their order and get the information they need, they will likely turn to another source that can do the job better.


One part of creating a seamless user experience for consumers is to incorporate “Buy” buttons on social media platforms. Studies show that more users than ever are making purchases from social media platforms rather than from business websites themselves. This indicates that integrated shopping buttons must be included for companies looking to expand their audience. When customers can easily shop by clicking a single button from their Facebook or Twitter page, this is far more convenient than navigating to another page, and going through a lengthy checkout.


The idea behind this caters to the instant gratification of many shoppers. With the rise of the internet and overnight shipping, many consumers are very impatient when making purchases on the internet. They want the process to be quick and painless, and they wish to be gratified as soon as possible. This goes further than the interface, and shipping plays a large role in instant gratification. A company offering free two-day shipping is very likely going to outsell a company charging for standard 5 day shipping.


Finally, customers want to feel some power with their experience. In an ever customizable society, customers want an experience tailored to their specific needs, and as a result many new markets can be exploited to fit whatever these needs may be.


A popular example of a market tailoring to customized consumer needs is the monthly subscription market. There are more businesses than ever marketing monthly subscription boxes that can be customized to fit each consumer’s need. These boxes range from clothing, to food, to make up, and nearly any consumer can find a subscription box that suits their hobbies.


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