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Mastering Q4 Inventory Prep

Mastering Q4 Inventory Prep

Recent data from Statista reveals that over one-third of online shoppers plan to kickstart their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving, underscoring the urgency of Q4 preparation.

Drawing from years of experience, our seasoned team has accumulated some invaluable strategies that streamline the Q4 prep process. Here are the initial steps you can take to guarantee the right inventory quantities:

1. Verify Production Status with Your Factories

Initiate contact with your trusted factories to confirm if they're still in production for the products you sourced last year. This step ensures you're aligned with their current capabilities and can make necessary adjustments well in advance.

2. Understand Production Capacity

Inquire about your factory's production capacity and get a clear understanding of their maximum output per week. This insight is pivotal in making realistic projections and avoiding any bottlenecks in the production pipeline.

3. Get Acquainted with Production Lead Times

Familiarize yourself with your supplier's ramp-up and production lead times. Knowing how much time is required from order placement to finished product empowers you to create a well-structured timeline for Q4 readiness.

4. Navigate Potential Product Restrictions

Research any potential restrictions for new products, such as the need for FDA approvals or high import taxes. Being aware of these regulatory considerations early on prevents any last-minute hurdles that could impede your inventory flow.

5. Open Dialogues About Cost Considerations

Engage in candid discussions with your suppliers about possible increased costs that may arise during Q4. Being transparent about potential price adjustments ensures that you can plan your budget effectively and avoid any surprises down the line.

Remember, with Portless, you can expedite your products directly to customers a mere two days after manufacturing. This streamlined approach ensures you're poised to meet demand promptly, keeping you in stock throughout Q4.

Contact us today to learn more about how Portless can revolutionize your Q4 preparation and set you up for a successful holiday season. Master the art of Q4 prep with confidence and watch your business thrive!

This originally appeared on Portless and is available here for wider discovery.
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