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With over 80% average open rates on Messenger and 95% average open rates on SMS, using messaging channels is the most effective way to reach your audience. During the busiest weekend of the year for brands, you can cut through the noise by sending targeted Facebook Messenger and SMS messages that will bring customers to your site.

Running SMS and Facebook Messenger campaigns under one roof gives you the ability to use data collected on both channels to send more personalized messages about your holiday products or sales, post-purchase retargeting, personalized content, and more!

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Send customers directly to your Black Friday Cyber Monday sale from an SMS message. You can send it to all subscribers or segment messaging using Shopify and Facebook Messenger data to make the SMS message more personal. Add details of products your segmented audiences like or mention ways they’ve engaged with you in the past.

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You can schedule your SMS message directly from the Octane AI back-end to send at a specific time. This allows you to align different marketing channels so customers receive the message at the right time.

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Send a message directly to Facebook Messenger inboxes with a button linking to your Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotion. You can target your message to send to past customers, those who have added to cart, viewed your site, and more.

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In the Octane AI back-end, creating a Sponsored Message using Facebook ads allow you to dive deep into targeting the message. This allows you to send a more personalized message that is more likely to convert receivers to visit your site.

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The more targeted the message is with personalized content, the more likely a customer is to convert to purchase. Using messaging channels means you can send a message directly to customers where you know they’ll read it.

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