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Meet Ordergroove Analytics Overview For Insights That Inspire Action

Meet Ordergroove Analytics Overview For Insights That Inspire Action

Subscriptions are a go-to for driving the recurring revenue and long-term customer relationships brands need for profitable and sustainable growth.

But no matter how much businesses scale, merchants will always need new ways to optimize performance, prove value to leadership, and take steps to do more of what’s working and less of what’s not.

Subscription analytics should make it easy to transform insights into those kinds of actions — or at very least, help merchants easily answer the vital questions that arise on the path to profitable growth, such as:

  • How do I know if my subscription strategy is working?
  • Which part of my subscription experience needs optimization?
  • Is my subscription offer performing better or worse than last week, last month, and last quarter — and by how much?
  • Which products are generating the most recurring revenue?
  • What are the metrics leadership needs for regular business updates?
  • How can I prove the value of our subscription experiences to secure more investment?
  • How can I keep tabs on subscription performance in real time?
  • Can I build and save specific reports so I don’t need to build them manually each week or month?

Unfortunately, these are questions most subscription apps can’t answer. Ordergroove’s platform, however, can.

Introducing the next generation of subscription analytics

We believe that best-in-class analytics should surface insights that are actionable. That’s why Ordergroove is launching the next generation of subscription analytics designed to help merchants tune up their recurring revenue engines, quantify and prove the business value that subscriptions bring for leadership — and do it all quickly, and free of headaches.

Instead of creating more questions for merchants, Ordergroove Analytics holds all the answers merchants need to:

  1. Fine-tune your recurring revenue engine.You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Get the actionable answers you need to fine-tune your recurring revenue engine with the most powerful and robust subscription analytics on the market. Shine a light on successes, identify opportunities for growth, and build an experience that gets better and better over time.
  2. Unlock alignment and support from leadership teams.Ordergroove is your secret weapon to create a happy and aligned leadership team. Show off the amazing results you’ve built and earn the praise you and your team deserve. With Ordergroove, data is accessible, visual, and customizable for everyone from eCommerce managers to your CEO. See the return on your investment, and do more of what’s working — more easily than ever.
  3. Spend less time reporting, and more time on actions that drive results.With Analytics Overview, you can produce presentation-ready reports in minutes. Say goodbye to hours spent mining for buried metrics across multiple reports and use the best-in-class subscription analytics technology in Ordergroove’s dashboard. Use your extra time to make progress on your inbox, drive results, or take your dog for a walk. We believe analytics should be clean, screenshot-worthy visualizations that allow the data to speak for itself — and tell the whole story.

Ready to take a look inside the first of many analytics enhancements on deck for Ordergroove this year?

Welcome to your new data headquarters: Ordergroove Analytics Overview

Say hello to Analytics Overview, where Ordergroove merchants can access and curate their data all in one place to find answers in minutes instead of hours.

Analytics Overview is more than a beautiful new page — it empowers merchants to find paths to grow quicker, enables customized data views to fit the team’s needs, and reports subscription experience performance (at high or granular levels) to help achieve business objectives easier and faster than ever before.

Uncover paths to growth

Gone are the days of struggling to assess subscription performance. Analytics Overview makes it easy to track program health and optimize accordingly so you can avoid leaving recurring revenue on the table.

Data is only as valuable as the story it tells when it comes to business decisions.

Analytics Overview gives you the whole story with all the context you need to create a data-driven plan to ramp up your recurring revenue:

  • Visualize change over time for all metrics to identify wins and opportunities for growth.
  • Compare performance on key metrics side-by-side and across time to easily understand performance in context.
  • Select specific dates to dig into the “why” behind key moments in your data.

Curate your data to fit your needs

Whether you’re reporting high-level outcomes to your board or tracking subscription performance week-over-week, Analytics Overview lets you customize your dashboard to put the metrics that matter most to you front and center — and keep it there.

The best part? You can make the data accessible and relevant to anyone who needs it with simple, clean, and customizable views for everyone:

  • Give every team member curated, customized reporting so everyone is empowered to take action without waiting around for answers on the data most relevant to their unique role.
  • Customize the Analytics Overview page with relevant metrics for each user.
  • Easily drag and drop data to curate your view with a simple, clean interface that’s user-friendly to everyone.

Create presentation-ready reports in minutes

Reporting should take minutes, not hours.

With your most important metrics at your fingertips on a single screenshot-worthy page in the Ordergroove Analytics Overview, creating presentation-ready visuals for reports and team updates is as fast and easy as taking a screenshot.

Having all the answers and context you need at a glance means less time spent combing through data, toggling between infinite tabs, and stitching together a story — and more bandwidth to put your performance data into action.

This is just the beginning of analytics that inspire action

We believe that data should work for subscription merchants, not the other way around.

That’s why leading brands are already using Ordergroove Analytics to illuminate the data-driven optimizations that make their subscription experience stand out — and transform their business into a well-oiled, revenue-generating machine.

Analytics Overview is just the first of many enhancements already in the works to make our best-in-class subscription analytics even more powerful. More analytics and benchmarking capabilities are currently in Beta and we’re excited to roll them all to all merchants using Ordergroove in the coming months.

Ready to take the guesswork out of subscriptions with analytics that inspire action? This is the time to get in touch and get onboard.

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