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Meet The Finalists Of The 2020 Yotpo Partner Awards


About the Awards
The Yotpo Partner Awards celebrate our top agency and tech partners and highlight their outstanding contributions to the eCommerce ecosystem. The awards recognize our partners for their collaborative spirit, innovative strategies, and the incredible work they’ve done to create captivating eCommerce experiences that drive merchant growth.

During this uniquely challenging year that saw the explosive growth of the eCommerce industry, our partnerships were a constant that helped fuel Yotpo’s journey and ensure the success of our mutual brands. The finalists of the 2020 Yotpo Partner Awards are a testament to that, representing the top players in the ecosystem in 2020.

Read on to see which agency and tech partners were selected as finalists, and stay tuned for the reveal of the winners on April 20th!

Looking Back on 2020
2020 was a year of massive growth for Yotpo that was fueled by the expansion of our Partner Program. We welcomed hundreds of new agencies, b …

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