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Merch, Merch! Liverpool Football Club Merchandise To Collect

If you love the Reds, your wardrobe must overflow with the Liverpool FC jerseys you’ve collected over the years.

You probably already have the red 23/24 home kit, the white/green/black 23/24 Liverpool away kit, and the purple 23/24 third kit.

You’ll have the whole caboodle – not just the jerseys but also shorts and socks. Your collection won’t be limited to the kits but must include Liverpool FC training drill tops, training strike shirts, Chuck Taylors, scarves, hoodies, and swimwear.

A true fan always has room for more, and LFC stores have excellent merchandise. There are also countless live matches, watch parties, kick-off raves, fan events, and meet-and-greets where you can deck yourself out in full Liverpool FC garb. 

That said, there’s merchandise you don’t buy to wear. They’re unique memorabilia and collectibles you keep behind glass cases left on display in LFC-themed fan caves.

The following are a few items that will make fine additions to your Liverpool FC merch collection:

1. LFC Signed Trent Dual Framed Shirts

If you’re enamored with Trent Alexander-Arnold and awed by this young Scouser’s accomplishments, signed Trent dual-framed shirts deserve a place in your collection. This collectable features two Alexander-Arnold number 66 shirts:

  • A Liverpool FC home shirt
  • An England International jersey

Alexander-Arnold hand-signed each shirt himself. The shirts are then arranged neatly in a frame for ease of display.

Trent Alexander-Arnold

Alexander-Arnold is a Liverpool FC prodigy and current vice-captain to skipper Virgil Van Dijk. He joined the club when he was six and progressed gradually through the ranks until his first senior appearance for Liverpool FC in 2015 in a pre-season friendly that the club won against Swindon Town.

His next senior appearance was in another pre-season friendly, an away game with Tranmere Rovers. That was the first time Alexander-Arnold wore his now iconic number: 66.

Speaking of the number 66, do you find it unusual for such a talented player to wear such a high number? After all, Alexander-Arnold is one of the Reds’ most talented players. The following are a few of his accomplishments:

  • He was the youngest player to start consecutive Champions League finals in 2019.
  • He set a record in 2018/19 when he contributed 12 assists in the Premier League and again in 2021/2022.
  • He made history when he delivered 13 Premier League assists in the 2019/20 campaign that saw Liverpool FC win the title. He was only 21 then and was dubbed the 2019/20 Premier League Young Player of the Season.

However, there’s a simple reason for Alexander-Arnold’s number. It’s just club practice to give young players high numbers when they first come in. They can then request lower numbers, especially when they’ve played for a few years in the first team.

However, Alexander-Arnold has yet to request a number change. Thus, he remains jersey number 66.

2. LFC Retro Shankly Track Jacket 

The LFC retro Shankly track jacket is a replica of the Liverpool team's jacket when they stepped out onto the turf of Wembley Stadium in London on 4 May 1974. In a historic outcome, Liverpool triumphed 3-0 against Newcastle United, lifting the championship trophy and winning the Football Association Challenge Cup (FA Cup).

That was only their second FA Cup win in history. The first one was in 1965, also under Bill Shankly’s management. Aside from being the year they won their second FA honor, that was also the year Bill Shankly resigned from his post as club manager.

The LFC retro Shankly track replica jacket is worth adding to any Liverpool FC collection. It’s a good reminder of the team’s iconic 1974 win at Wembley and Bill Shankly’s lasting Liverpool FC legacy.

Bill Shankly 

If you ask any casual football fan to name the most influential man in Liverpool FC, you’ll hear Bill Shankly mentioned more than a few times. It’s no wonder. He is credited with turning Liverpool’s fortunes around and laying the foundations for its lasting ascendancy in English and global football.

The former manager of Huddersfield Town, Shankly, came to Liverpool FC on 14 December 1959 to replace the recently resigned Liverpool manager, Phil Taylor. At that time, Liverpool FC had already been relegated to the Second Division; they finished at the bottom of the top division heap in 1953/54.

After the relegation, Liverpool FC continued to perform poorly season after season. Shankly knew changes had to be made, so he did everything possible to get the board's support. It certainly helped that he had charisma and ruthlessness that brooked no opposition.

He soon received the resources to execute his vision, and the rest, as they say, is history. The 1961/62 campaign was Liverpool FC's eighth and final season in the Second Division.

Two seasons after being promoted to the top division—in 1963/64—Liverpool FC won their first league title after a 17-year drought.

Since then, Liverpool FC has consistently won titles, dominating English football and becoming what Shankly dreamed it would one day be: a bastion of invincibility.

2. LFC Signed Darwin Núñez Boot in Case

Were you excited when Darwin Núñez joined Liverpool FC? You’ll love the LFC-signed Darwin Núñez boot-in-case collectible. 

It’s one of a pair of Nike Mercurial Vapor Elite FG cleats, the same model shoes he wore in his debut season with Liverpool FC. The dynamic striker himself hand-signed it. The Nike shoe is presented on a bed of artificial turf, encased in a Perspex box, and mounted on a stand inscribed with the live bird and the text: Personally Signed by Darwin Nunez.

Darwin Núñez

Darwin Núñez is a Uruguayan striker whom Liverpool FC recruited from Benfica, for which he scored an impressive 48 goals in 85 appearances across two seasons. He joined Liverpool FC in the summer of 2022 and is now player number 9 and the club forward.

Since joining Liverpool FC, Núñez has made 35 appearances, 21 starts, scored 11 goals, and assisted in 11 more. His most significant achievement so far was his final goal in the FA Community Shield 2022, which gave Liverpool FC the victory over Manchester City. He also scored the goal, bringing the club to a 2-2 draw with Fulham on the 2022/23 Premier League opening day.

Indeed, exciting days are ahead for Liverpool FC. If you’re anticipating how things will pan out with Núñez going forward (yes, pun intended), get the signed Núñez boot in case.

There’s Merch – and There’s Merch

There’s Liverpool FC merchandise you wear to watch parties at sports bars, fan events, live matches, and merchandise you collect and proudly display.

For the latter, the signed dual framed shirts by Trent Alexander-Arnold, the replica of the track jacket worn by Liverpool when the team won at Wembley (under the leadership of the legendary Bill Shankly), and the Nike Mercury Vapor Elite FG shoe in-case hand-signed by Darwin Núñez are all worthy additions.

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