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Messenger Retargeting: Top 5 Tips to Build A Loyal Customer Base

Tips for building a loyal customer base through messenger retargeting.

Facebook and Instagram retargeting has been a go-to retargeting channel for e-commerce store owners for years. Add Messenger retargeting to your strategy to increase your return on ad spend.

Shoelace or Retargetapp are among the most popular choices of Shopify merchants. Facebook’s ad revenue continues to increase and it indicates that there are more and more advertisers spending more money.

We’ve seen ourselves how Facebook CPC costs are increasing significantly, no less than 40-50% YoY, depending on the industry. This puts high pressure on DTC brands trying to maintain their profitability with retargeting ads.

Marketers need to diversify their marketing efforts across multiple channels. Investing more heavily in customer retention is becoming a must. Facebook Messenger marketing is one of the most influential tactics ecommerce marketers can use today.

In this post, you’ll find 5 Messenger retargeting examples that you can implement today to boost conversion rates and retain your customers.

Messenger retargeting methods that will skyrocket your ROI

  1. Abandoned cart campaigns
  2. Discount abandonment flows
  3. Messenger welcome campaigns
  4. Messenger receipt
  5. Product review requests

1. Abandoned cart Messenger campaigns

As ecommerce store owners, we all love that friendly reminder for unfinished orders.

If you don’t use any channel or tool to drive back cart abandoners to your site, you’re leaving money on the table.

While you can use display advertising as well as email marketing to drive back abandoned shoppers to your store, nothing comes close to Messenger in terms of efficiency. While email marketing campaigns average 21% open rates, Messenger campaigns deliver up to 90%.

messenger cart abandonment campaign example

You can enable up to 3 cart abandonment reminders in Recart. Turning abandoned cart Messenger campaigns on can be your most profitable marketing decision this year.

2. Discount abandonment flows

Cart abandonment is one thing. It’s a huge pain point for many ecommerce marketers. Cart abandonment Messenger campaigns feel like a holy grail when using for the first time.

When you try to bring cart abandoners back, your best bet is to offer a percentage discount. But how can you be sure they will use the discount code at checkout?

With Recart’s Conversation Flow Editor, you can set up discount abandonment campaigns. This campaign will not only retarget cart abandoners but anyone who’s received a discount code.

Example of how to automate discount abandonment reminders
This is how you can automate discount abandonment reminders

Recart will send automated follow-up messages, reminding your subscribers to finish the purchase and use the discount code. If they already finished, they won’t receive further notifications.

3. Messenger welcome campaigns

Communication is a key factor in keeping your customers loyal to your brand. Luckily, you can easily start a conversation with your potential customers with our Messenger Welcome Campaigns. Right after they subscribe on Messenger, you can send them an automated campaign to give them a warm welcome and open a conversation.

You can add gifs, pictures, emojis, links to your store, or quick replies so that your customers don’t have to type a single thing. Once you built up your conversation flow in the editor, your bot will do the work for you.

This is how to connect your messages to each other and automate a conversation in Messenger
Connect your messages to each other to automate a conversation

4. Messenger receipt

When people buy online, they expect to get a receipt. The Messenger receipt is similar to the email receipt you’ve been sending to your customers for years. Except for it’s better!

Recart’s order receipt messages don’t just inform your customers about the purchase, but also incentivize them to make a purchase again by offering a discount code.

Messenger receipt campaign example on a phone screen

5. Product review requests

We build an integration with the Loox app, which is one of the most popular review apps on Shopify. You can use the integration to generate product via Messenger. If you enable the integration, Recart sends a review request to your customers on Messenger.

product review request campaign example illustration

It will generate more product reviews than your regular review request emails. Additionally, you can also give a discount offer to drive repeat purchases.

Start using Messenger retargeting today

Before reading this article, you already knew how powerful Facebook retargeting can be. It’s a crucial driver of revenue for your ecommerce business. With these newly acquired tactics, you can use Messenger retargeting in your marketing strategy to increase your retargeting ROI.

This article was originally published by our friends at Recart.

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