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Microsoft Outlook Won’t Open On Mac: Here’s How to Fix It

Mac users heavily use the Microsoft Outlook application for its unmatchable properties and incredible features.

However, some Mac users reportedly experienced an issue with Outlook, as the application cannot open on their devices. This problem arises from various factors, which could be solved by applying easy fixes. This article offers guidance and solutions for the Microsoft Outlook won’t open on Mac issue.

Apple Mail is a default email app available to Mac users. However, various other email clients are public, offering different benefits and downsides, and MS Outlook is one of the options. Since Outlook is one of Microsoft's products, it is not limited to working only on Windows operating systems. Instead, it is also compatible with MacOS – although with a little difference in functionality and features. 

However, like any application or software available, Outlook isn’t immune to experiencing bugs and glitches. When they occur, they create all kinds of issues, creating headaches for the users of the inability to send/receive messages due to crashes. This may result in an overall outage, disabling you from accessing your mailbox. 

If you are using Outlook on your Mac device, and suddenly, you cannot open your Outlook, you may get worried. But you shouldn’t be. Multiple reasons may result in difficulties accessing or opening your Outlook on Mac. The following article will discuss the solutions for Outlook not opening on Mac.

Solution 1: Software Update – Before taking any drastic measure to fix the issue, you must check for updates. It may happen when the software is not updating automatically, and you are still running on the old version of the application. To inspect and install the latest update, you need to:

  • From the left corner of the screen, select the Apple icon
  • Choose App Store from the drop-down menu.  
  • Select Updates from the menu.
  • If an update is available for Outlook, click the Update button and wait for the download to finish and install. 
  • Once it is installed, try to open the Outlook again. 

If updating doesn’t work, you should opt for re-installation. Delete your Outlook from Mac. Download and install the Outlook app again from the App Store. However, if Outlook starts with this method, you must sign back into your account. But, if it doesn’t begin with re-installation, you must fix your Outlook Profile.

Solution 2: How to Fix Mac Outlook Profile – Fixing your Outlook Profile could solve the problem of Outlook not opening on Mac. It is possible that your Outlook Profile could be corrupt, and it requires repair. But, before that, you need to confirm whether it is immoral. To do so:

  • Go to Spotlight Search – click the magnifying glass icon on the screen's top-right.
  • Type ‘Outlook Profile Manager’ and double-click to open it.
  • Create a new profile by clicking the plus (+) icon and typing a name for the further profile.
  • Click on three dots (…) next to the profile, and select ‘Set as Default’. Quit and re-launch Outlook. 
  • If this opens Outlook correctly, your original profile was likely corrupt. 
  • Now, open Outlook Profile Manager again. Select the new profile, and click the minus (-) icon to delete. 
  • Close the Profile Manager. From the Finder, select ‘Go’ and navigate to the Folder. 
  • Search for “~/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles/Main Profile/Data” and select the result.
  • Find the ‘Outlook. SQLite file and then drag and drop it to the desktop.
  • Now, open the Outlook and wait for the pop-up window. 
  • Select ‘Repair’ if ‘Something’s Wrong’ pops up, and let Outlook repair and rebuild your profile. 

After the repair, Outlook should be good to use and open. If not, we might need to look into Mac’s internal disk.

Solution 3: Disk Utility – The Outlook problem of not opening on Mac may have arisen due to Mac’s internal disks – storage drives, in which case you may require running the disk utility to sort out the issue.  You can do this by following the steps given below:

  • Click the Magnifying Glass icon at the screen's top-right corner, then type Disk Utility. Then, double-click the app icon once it appears in the results.
  • Select the ‘First Aid’ button from the Disk Utility window.
  • Now, click ‘Run’ to begin First Aid, then click Continue to confirm. 
  • Once the First Aid task is completed, close the window and then try to open Outlook again. 

The solution mentioned above can solve the issue of Microsoft Outlook on your Mac, but you must take precautions to prevent data loss.  Fixing your Outlook Profile by removing and re-adding Outlook accounts or solving the problem by running a disk utility might cause data loss on your Mac. Indeed, you can avoid such happenings by securing your Mac data.


In the article above, we have explained multiple fixes to solve the Microsoft Outlook won’t open on Mac issue. Since Mac users more or less rely on Outlook applications, therefore any problem with Outlook can be frustrating for Mac users of Outlook. The above solutions are easy and can be done with little effort. However, if the problem is not solved and the issue persists, you can get help from a third-party OLM to PST converter software like Stellar Converter for OLM. Due to problems with Outlook on Mac, you may consider migrating to Windows Outlook for better functionality and seamless accessibility. This would require you to convert Mac Outlook OLM files to Outlook importable PST files, and Stellar’s utility tool can do the job efficiently. Even if you want to consider taking a backup of your OLM files for future use, you can convert the files to multiple different formats and save them in the form of your choice.

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