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Mobile App Development Trends In E-commerce 2024

Mobile apps in e-commerce have long been nothing new to most users, but they keep evolving and improving.

Developers are constantly adding new features to meet the increasingly demanding needs of their audience.

Advancements in technology, increasing competition, and changing consumer preferences are leading to Mobile App Development for e-commerce in 2024, which will significantly expand the number of functionalities that enhance the usability and level of personalization for each user.

Key Takeaways

  • Mobile commerce is rapidly growing and expected to account for over 50% of total ecommerce sales by 2021. Developing a mobile app can help businesses capitalize on this trend and boost sales.
  • Mobile apps provide a better user experience compared to mobile websites. They allow for personalization, offline access, push notifications, and integration with device features like the camera.
  • Augmented reality (AR) is an emerging trend in mobile ecommerce apps. AR enables virtual “try before you buy” for products like furniture, clothing and cosmetics. This improves the shopping experience and reduces returns.
  • Mobile wallets and one-click checkout are becoming standard features that streamline the purchase process in ecommerce apps. Reducing friction at checkout helps increase conversion rates.
  • Artificial intelligence and chatbots are being integrated into more mobile commerce apps to provide 24/7 customer service and support. This improves the customer experience while reducing costs.

Fast performance and responsiveness

A mobile app for e-commerce should load and display information quickly and respond to user actions without delay. Fast-loading pages and minimal waiting time are essential to keep users interested in the app.

Simplicity and usability

The application should be straightforward to use. The interface should be intuitive so users can quickly find the goods they need and place orders.

Social media integration

Integration with social networks and other platforms is necessary for users to share product links and recommend them to their friends. From social networks, users can learn about promotions and special offers and then quickly go to your app to make a purchase.

Order status tracking

Thanks to the ability to see the order status at every stage, users can control the process of goods delivery and learn about the current status of their order promptly. The application becomes convenient and comfortable, and trust in the brand increases.

Security and protection of personal data

Users want to ensure their personal and payment information is safe and will not be misused. To ensure the security and protection of personal data, an e-commerce app uses state-of-the-art encryption and data protection technologies.

In addition, the app must comply with security standards such as PCI DSS, which defines the requirements for payment data processing.


Mobile apps for e-commerce should be able to suggest the most appropriate products to users based on their interests, preferences, in-app behavior, and geolocation. The mobile app can utilize machine learning and intelligent algorithms to give users the most accurate recommendations.

Users should also be able to customize their preferences to receive the most exciting offers. This increases customer satisfaction and the likelihood of a purchase.

Payment for goods in installments

Payment by installments (BNPL – Buy now, pay later) in an e-commerce app is becoming increasingly popular. This option allows users to purchase items they can’t or don’t want to pay for in full at once.

When making a purchase, users pay for the item in installments. Usually, the payment is divided into several installments, such as three, six, or nine months.

This payment method is convenient for users because they can spread their expenses over several months and not spend all the money simultaneously. Payment in installments also benefits sellers, who can attract new customers and increase sales.

Stories and video format

Stories are short videos or images that disappear 24 hours after publication. While stories were mainly used to familiarize users with new application features, they are now actively used to advertise products, inform about promotions, and create branded content.

Video format, in turn, has recently been often used in product cards to demonstrate products in action and show instructions for use.

Videos and Stories are becoming increasingly popular, but their use in an app should be organic and unobtrusive. Videos should complement the app’s leading content and be attractive to users. In addition, you need to ensure they load quickly and don’t slow down the app.

Chatbots with AI

Chatbots in an e-commerce mobile app are artificial intelligence programs that help shoppers make a purchase, answer questions, and provide them with real-time support. A chatbot lets users quickly find the information they need without leaving the app.

One of the main advantages of using chatbots in an e-commerce app is the possibility of online customer consultation in real time. This replaces the need to call or manually send messages to the support team and wait for hours or even days for a response. Chatbots can reduce the response time and save the user time.

Also, using chatbots in an e-commerce application reduces customer service costs because they can handle a large flow of requests without the need for additional recruitment.


So, in 2024, mobile apps for e-commerce are focused on improving usability, personalization, increasing speed and security, improving the user experience, and advances in technology and artificial intelligence. Capitalizing on these trends will help increase sales and improve customer interaction with your product.

When choosing a custom e-commerce app development company, focus on your business requirements. Understanding the specifics of your business, companies like Neontri innovate to make applications user-friendly and high-tech.

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