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Mobile-First Selling Page Templates That Make People Stop And Shop


A mobile selling page template can help make your products or services look great online without much effort.

And that’s why we roll out new templates every week–so you can sell more while working less.

All our templates are easy to customize, edit, publish, and share.

Our templates also come with pre-designed page structures, transitions, and animations that save you time and resources.

Additionally, our no-code, drag-and-drop visual page editor allows you to quickly add your own content into a template and make necessary edits with ease.

Although our templates are designed with specific industries in mind, it’s simply to provide you with inspiration and a clear vision of what a completed design would look like. However, any template can be used to promote and sell your products or services online. Just update a template with your content to reflect your brand and industry.

With hundreds of professionally-designed templates to choose from, it’s easy to find one you like.

Check out the four templates we’re featuring this week below. Or, click here to jump straight into the Amaze editor to start creating your own masterpiece.

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This clean, modern makeup template will help you sell your products or services online in style. The white background makes your content pop and places an emphasis on the visual assets you add to the pages.

Moody and contemporary, this chic template is sure to grab your customers’ attention and increase online sales. Each page features transition and animations to make your content come to life and boost page engagement.

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Display your products in a straightforward template that makes it easy for customers to skim through and quickly understand what you’re selling. The lighter color scheme of this selling page template provides a warm backdrop to your content that invites customers to stay and linger.

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Want to make a statement? This template will help you do that. Bold colors, edgy filters, and cool animations make this landing page hard to ignore. Add in videos to the background to further dramatize this template and beckon customers to hit that “Buy” button.

If you want to use these selling page templates, but don’t have an Amaze account, don’t worry. You can sign up for a free 14-day trial here.

During your trial, you can experience the full power of Amaze and create unlimited designs. Once your 14 days are up, your account will be downgraded to our free version should you choose not to subscribe to Amaze Pro for just $6.95/month.  

Amaze Free gives you access to all our amazing templates within a limited feature set.

The best part? A free trial doesn’t require you to enter any credit card information to sign up.

So don’t wait any longer. See what you’ve been missing out on when you sign up for a free trial today.

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