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NEW: Add Product Collections Into Facebook Messenger Conversations


With over 80% average open rates on Messenger, brands who use Facebook Messenger marketing are able to have personalized conversations with their audience at scale. You can now add product collections from Shopify directly into your Facebook Messenger conversations!

Adding products or collections encourages Messenger subscribers to visit your site. This allows you to create more engaging conversations, product quizzes, or give personalized recommendations with products or collections shown right in Facebook Messenger.

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Add products or collections into a convo, Messenger broadcast, flow or to answer a customer’s question! Your audience can then click to buy products displayed from a collection right from Messenger.

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Easily track how many clicks each products’ call to action receives and how many clicks convert to a purchase. You’re able to edit the call to action from Buy to tailor it to your audience and what you find converts best. For example, you’re able to change the “Buy” call to action to “Learn More” and could link someone to the product page to read more about the product.

When creating a conversation, you can easily add products or collections into conversations.

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Create conversations that collect information and recommend specific products, collections, and variants to customers right in Messenger.

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If someone is looking for a general collection, you can add the collection in a carousel for them to browse products and click the call to action.

In the Octane AI revenue dashboard, you have visibility into revenue statistics and understand can how all of your campaigns are performing. We track orders from products your customers bought directly from the bot as well as when someone purchases after being sent to your store from a Messenger conversation in general.

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This article was originally published by our friends at OctaneAI.

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