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New Headless Courses And Certifications By Shopify Academy

New Headless Courses And Certifications By Shopify Academy

You can now learn and develop specialized skills through Shopify Academy Certifications focused on headless storefronts. Certify your knowledge of headless at Shopify as a theme developer, business consultant, or developer today. 

To help fuel the growth of individuals and businesses of all sizes, Shopify Academy will release new courses and certifications in 2024 to help anyone build on Shopify. You can now master new skills, and get certified too. 

Start learning now

Why pursue a certification?

Shopify Academy offers free courses to learn new skills, plus paid certification exams designed to measure knowledge and competencies. Three new learning paths and certifications on headless are now available by role: Theme Developer, Business Consultant, and Developer. Pick one or more specialized tracks to hone your skills. Keep reading to learn more about each track. 

Liquid Storefronts for Theme Developers 

This learning path is designed for developers who are interested in learning how to optimize Shopify themes for a headless storefront using Liquid. Composed of two free courses, choose the Liquid Storefronts for Theme Developers learning path to elevate your skills creating well-designed, accessible user experiences. 

Headless at Shopify for Business Consultants

Create more qualified leads that convert with two free courses designed to empower Shopify Partners to pitch, plan, and implement a headless solution at Shopify. From exploring custom storefront solutions and making a tailored recommendation, to managing the client relationship throughout the implementation process, these courses equip those in client-facing roles with the knowledge and best practices to deliver an exceptional experience for merchants. 

Headless at Shopify for Developers 

Dive into these four free courses to learn Shopify's headless framework, tooling, and hosting options to seamlessly prepare, implement, and optimize a custom storefront. From building essential pages with Hydrogen to leveraging the Storefront API for exceptional shopping experiences, this learning path equips developers with the skills needed to support headless storefronts. 

Watch for more new courses and certifications coming your way in 2024, such as retail and B2B. 

This article originally appeared on Shopify Web Design and Development and is available here for further discovery.
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