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New Integration: Appy Pie

new-integration:-appy-pie is now integrated with Appy Pie. Check it out!

About Appy Pie

With Appy Pie, you can get rid of routine manual works by connecting your apps and automating your workflows in any business process within a few minutes.

How you can benefit from this integration

Our integration with Appy Pie lets you notify several apps to perform specific actions (such as sending a targeted email, or updating a spreadsheet) after you get a new review in

After installing and signing up for an Appy Pie account, go ahead to create your first Connect in Appy Pie. When you choose as the Trigger, you will be instructed to connect your account by providing your shop domain and private token. You can find these infos in settings > Integrations > Developers > API, then paste them in the fields provided by Appy Pie.

After that, you can choose another app to perform the Action. For example, you can add reviewers as email subscribers to send targeted email campaigns or record reviews in spreadsheets for analysis and future improvements.

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If you have any questions about our features and integrations, check our knowledge base or post a question on our forums!

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