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New Integration: Flash Search

new-integration:-flash-search is now integrated with Flash Search. Check it out!

About Flash Search

Flash Search helps your customers find relevant products easier and faster with customized search and filter functions.

How can you benefit from this integration?

A well-functioned search and filter tool is essential for your e-commerce store since it helps your potential customers find their desired products easier. And one of the most important criteria customers consider when searching for a product is review ratings. Therefore, displaying the review ratings on the product search pages, as well as creating a product filter based on ratings can greatly contribute to your conversion rate.

With the integration between Flash Search and, you can enable the review rating in your search & filter within a few clicks. After installing Flash Search and on your Shopify store, go to Integrations > Apps in Flash Search. Then find in the list and toggle the bar to enable the integration. flash search integration 1

After you’ve enabled the integration, stars will be displayed automatically on the search pages generated by Flash Search. You can also create a customized filter for review rating in the Filters section. flash search integration 2

Here is an example of the Flash Search’s search and filter integrated with flash search integration 4

If you have any questions about our features and integrations, check our knowledge base or post a question on our forums!

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